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Jan 03, 2019

Ensuring Best Practice Oral Health Care Webinar

On Tuesday 8th January we are co-hosting a live webinar ' Be CQC Ready in Oral Health Care' in partnership with Knowledge Oral Healthcare. This short webinar gives a brief outline of the importance of oral health, why mouth care has been put on the CQC list, how to apply best practice in mouth care and outlines the quality standard for being compliant in oral care.


Go to to fill in your name and email address to register. You will be sent an email reminder close to the webinar date.

Knowledge Oral Health Care is the UK's leading mouth care training business for vulnerable adults in care homes and community setting.  They deliver evidence-based, best practice training to caregivers and help with CQC compliance.

Their sessions highlight the importance of mouth care activities and how it impacts our general health and quality of life, it will help improve confidence and skills for delivering daily mouth care.

Recording Oral Care Electronically

Find out how Mobile Care Monitoring helps care providers evidence oral care to the best practice guidelines on our page  Oral Care Information.
January 3, 2019

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