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Jul 03, 2018

Person Centred Software launches Oral Care tools for CQC compliance

With Oral Health in residential care settings becoming increasingly important, Person Centred Software has introduced new oral health tools as part of its electronic evidence of care and care planning system, Mobile Care Monitoring. The new tools enable staff to evidence how they support residents to maintain good oral health and thus demonstrate to CQC that a Care Home is being Effective and Responsive.

With assistance from industry professionals, Mobile Care Monitoring now enables care professionals to record Oral Health Assessments, update care plans tailored to people’s needs, and capture highly detailed real-time recordings of oral care. The information feeds automatically into reports and charts, providing evidence of the oral care support to meet the NICE Quality Standards and CQC’s Key Lines of Enquiries, with which the Quality Standard ‘Oral Care in Care Homes’ has recently been incorporated into to assess and identify areas in need of improvement.

Andrew Coles, Product Manager at Person Centred Software says: “People are keeping their teeth for longer and poor oral hygiene can lead to many health implications, it isn’t just about brushing teeth. We have developed our electronic evidence of care and care planning system with guidance from industry experts to help staff reduce oral care risks and give them the confidence to support their residents.”

Mobile Care Monitoring’s mouth care assessments help to create informed care plans with consistent quality. The care plan informs planned actions which can be monitored. And these planned actions enable staff to evidence the support provided in real-time to manage residents’ oral health and how this support is meeting NICE Quality Standards and CQC’s Key Lines of Enquiries. These form a holistic resident record that provides insight into a person’s health and wellbeing.

Jane Peterson, founder of Knowledge Oral Health Care, says, “As people’s dependency increases, there is a greater risk of developing poor oral health which can have an impact on other health problems, some of which can be life threatening such as heart disease and aspiration pneumonia.”

“Mobile Care Monitoring software is an excellent tool to continually monitor, drive and measure improvement in quality. Person Centred Software was the first mobile device I came across that have incorporated Oral Health Assessments raising awareness of the importance of daily mouth care.”

Andrew and Jane spoke about the current state of oral care in residential homes, the importance of maintaining residents’ oral health and how care planning with Mobile Care Monitoring’s evidencing system supports management and evidence of oral health in care homes at Health + Care on 27th June 2018.

This press release was published in Care Home Professional , Care Show and 1 Stop Healthcare.

July 3, 2018

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