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#GladtoCare Competition

Share your residents favourite memories and enter our #GladtoCare competition

We all know how important sharing memories is to people living with dementia. This year’s #GladtoCare competition theme is Favourite Memories.

We’ve teamed up with InteractiveMe and Sporting Memories to capture your residents’ favourite memories. Using InteractiveMe you can use their Occupational Therapy service and bespoke app to enhance mental stimulation and evidence one-to-one engagement of your residents. Sporting Memories helps you to tackle residents’ dementia, depression and loneliness using the power of sporting reminiscence. 

This year’s prizes are a tablet & three InteractiveMe profiles, and a Sporting Memories Care Settings Package for the runners up! 

#GladtoCare Competition Awards

Congratulations to the winner Galanos House in Warwickshire!

Well done to the runners up, Halfryn Residential Care Home in North Wales and Sheff Care, Castelayn in Sheffield!

Find out more about the judging day

Below is the winning entry:

Our Double Wedding – My wife and I had a double wedding along with her sister and her fiancé. My wife’s father was a journeyman engineer, which meant he travelled the country a lot. With him being away from home a lot we set a date for when we knew he would be back at home.

On the day we wore our brand new suits and our brides looked lovely. We ended up going to the church on a tram car although we were supposed to go by taxi. We were waiting and waiting, and the taxi didn’t turn up. It was a good job we were on a main tram route! The two grooms stood in the middle of the road holding our hands up and the tram came to a stop with a screech of brakes and sparks. The tram driver said, “What do you want mate?” So we explained to the driver about the taxi not turning up and he got out of his cab and stood facing the passengers in the middle of the aisle and said “Ladies and Gentlemen I am afraid that we are going to be late”, and he explained the situation. Well, everyone clapped then the driver passed a metal dish around for a collection to wish them luck. When we got on the tram everyone cheered!

What a vicar – he nearly married us to the wrong people! After the ceremony we got the bus from the church to the Band of Hope hall in Liverpool. Do you know that bus driver helped to raise £40!

Photos from the Judging Day

An esteemed panel of judges including Professor Martin Green, Chief Executive of Care England, Vic Rayner, Executive Director of the National Care Forum, David Brindle, the Guardian’s public services editor, Sam Dondi-Smith, Founder of interactiveMe and Tony Jameson-Allen, Co-Founder and Director of The Sporting Memories Foundation, chose the winning and runner up entries.

#GladtoCare judges 2019

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