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What is Joined Up Care and why is it so relevant in 2022

Person Centred Software has a proven track record to work with and deliver an integrated ecosystem solutions to enable information to flow both to and from the care home and health services, such as GPs, hospitals and ambulance crews. Our mission is to lead in improving systems used in social care globally through the use of innovative technology to:


  • Improve the lives of everybody involved in health and social care
  • Reduce pressure on both Health and Social Care Services (especially through COVID-19 pandemic)
  • Help support social care providers to go digital
  • Build momentum and awareness of digital solutions

Person Centred Software is actively engaged with the NHS at both national and regional levels. With a goal to better enable citizens journey and experiences when transitioning between social care settings and health care setting, such as:

  • Care Home
  • GP
  • Ambulance Crew
  • Hospital
  • Family
  • Pharmacy
  • Community Services and Multidisciplinary Teams (MDTs)
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From September 2021, there is a commitment from Matt Hancock for integration of information between health and social care.

Behind these words is a massive amount of work necessary to build systems and create standards for data exchange. The PRSB has created five data standards for sharing data, that are designed to provide common data standards so that software providers can use a common format. The automated communication of information across healthcare will become commonplace in 2021, and social care is included in the plans because the directive the PRSB was given, was to “create national standards for sharing information between health and social care”. 

Whilst 2021 will be the year sharing data gathers pace, it’s not going to be the destination for sharing data across all of social care and healthcare. However, the destination has been given a timeframe, and Matt Hancock has again given a very clear expectation of this, saying: “NHSX are aiming to have all social care providers to have access to digitised care records that interoperate with locally Shared Care Records by 2024”.

This year is the start of interoperability, and social care will have to adopt digital care records within the next four years. The pace necessary to reach 2024 with all of social care having implemented digital care systems is a significantly increased rate of adoption of technology.

Person Centred Software is leading the way with shared care, being the first to implement eRedBag and working directly with GP Connect at NHS Digital to bring GP information to English Care Homes via the Access Record: HTML product. We are now in an exciting digital era that enables interoperability with health services, so that the best quality of care and support can be given to those living in care homes. 

NHSX expects all areas will have a basic minimum viable shared care record solution in place by September 2021, focused on the integration of NHS Trusts and GPs, and for use in provision of direct care.

The Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP
Secretary of State for Health and Social Care