QME Care praises care management software provider for giving them more time to spend with residents doing the things they enjoy



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Improving wellbeing, reducing stress, and combating loneliness

About QME Care

Award-winning QME Care (Queens, Murray and Evanthea house), a non-profit charitable organisation based in the heart of the Scottish Borders, provides autonomous care to residents, with specialist dementia care and care for people with cognitive impairment offered across three sites: Queen's House, Murray House and Evanthea House. 

Since 1954, QME Care has aimed to be a centre of excellence in providing quality care and support to older adults in and around the Kelso area. The nursing home strives to create a comfortable, safe, homely, happy and caring environment where personalised care is encouraged and supported.

Steven Bailey, Executive Assistant at QME Care, discusses how Person Centred Software's digital social care record (DSCR) system has given their care teams more time with residents and how it's helped to streamline operational processes. 

Our specialist nursing and residential care centre offers accommodation to 59 residents with the aim of providing a service that promotes health and wellbeing whilst reducing loneliness and isolation.  

Person Centred Software’s digital social care record system has increasingly supported our ability to achieve positive outcomes for all our residents. It has massively helped provide better care for residents by giving carers more time to care.

With the system saving each carer at least 60 minutes per day, time previously spent completing paperwork and other time-consuming administrative tasks, carers can now spend that extra time with residents doing the things they enjoy.  
Switching to Person Centred Software’s digital social care record system 

Previously we had a care management system that was hard to use, very clunky, lacked user experience, and was frustrating to use because routine tasks ended up taking too long to complete. On top of that, the system didn't feed into providing person-centred care; it was more about reporting.

Throughout 2021, we were on the lookout for person-centred care management software that incorporated the latest techniques and technology and delivered a solution that was customisable to our needs. Aside from that, we also wanted a system that could quickly capture and record care notes, enhance the quality of care we provided and further enrich the lives of our residents.

We are inspected by the Care Inspectorate each year, and having all the information they require at the touch of a button is important, and this wasn't possible with our old system. As a result, we needed to find a system that operated efficiently and effectively and supported management, care teams and residents with monitoring, planning, communication and reporting. We also needed a system that provided timely information so that care teams could deliver safe, effective care to residents. Furthermore, it was about freeing up our staff to focus on more important things other than paperwork, such as personalised activities and emotional support for the residents, sensory stimulation sessions etc. 

Person Centred Software's digital social care record system ticked all the boxes.

The cost was one of the major factors, and Person Centred Software’s system was affordable and reasonably priced, which was a good thing for us. The fantastic support team also swayed my choice; whenever there was a question, they were there to help and were available at all times. Previously, with our old system, if you tried to ask for help and support, it sometimes took a few days for you to receive it, and when something urgent happens, you don't have three days to wait around for that information. 

As well as being easy to understand, the system is bright, clear, and well laid out. The system is very self-explanatory in terms of how it works. In addition to its ease of use, our staff love it, especially the handheld devices, which allow carers to record care using icons and voice recognition.

In terms of reporting, I have complete peace of mind, knowing that everything is being done correctly, that there are no errors, and that the care provided is person-centred. Having the reporting capabilities at our fingertips at any time is great because we can see what people are up to and if any assessments have been missed. It's brilliant. The system has also saved QME Care money in staffing costs because we don't need as many staff as before.

My favourite feature

Person Centred Software's Relatives Gateway, a secure portal that enables friends and family of those living in care homes to stay informed about their care and share messages and photos to keep in touch, is one of my favourite features; it helps to keep families and friends connected to their loved ones and provides reassurance.

Families need to have that direct communication with their loved ones; they need to see the care notes and the care plan, see when their loved ones have participated in activities, and feel as though they are involved in the level of care being provided. Relatives Gateway does precisely this; with just one click, families, friends and carers can have access to all the information they need.

From a care home's perspective, it's great because it helps us to answer all the questions a family member or friend might have. As a manager, you don't know all that information from the top of your head, so to have that evidence to refer to and to be able to answer specific questions and provide that reassurance for residents' loved ones is everything. Furthermore, it gives value back to carers since it shows and recognises everything they do, from key activities to the smallest acts of kindness. 

It's not about bundling somebody away in a care home and never seeing them again; these families are distraught and distressed that their loved ones are in that environment in the first place. So, if we can make it better, we will, and Person Centred Software helps a lot with that. 

Simple implementation process

In September 2021, we decided to implement Person Centred Software's digital social care record system; the implementation team were very efficient. They showed us how to set the system up to work across all three of our sites, explained everything in detail, and guided us through the process, resulting in a smooth implementation experience.

Person Centred Software also provided training sessions to 140 employees within a short timeframe. As a result, our staff were able to find their way around the system quickly, and the system was easy to learn. In addition, the training team were very patient and helpful; it was a pleasure working with them. 

Spending quality time with residents
The digital social care record system is brilliant; we can't praise it enough. It has saved our staffing teams a great deal of time, and they don't have to spend hours on paperwork each week anymore. Our care workers now get to spend one-on-one time with our residents doing the things they enjoy, such as well-being and sensory activities, which can improve their mood, self-esteem, and overall well-being.
It's also about doing the extra things that the carers wouldn't have time to do normally, like hand massages, nail care, or even playing a game of bingo. Our residents get more one-on-one time with staff, so it's been a win-win. We've had no complaints whatsoever. 

Wellbeing warriors
One of my greatest achievements so far is that we recently introduced our Place & Space Day Opportunities Service to enhance wellbeing and promote positive experiences for people with Dementia and carers in the community by providing activities and cognitive stimulation.

We recently invested in state-of-the-art innovative technology, systems, and materials to complement our approach to person-centred care, including a new Tovertafel 2 projector to improve quality of life positively and enhance sensory stimulation.

For us at QME Care, wellbeing is taken very seriously, and I was excited to hear about Person Centred Software's Wellbeing and Activities platform! It's something else we plan on getting very soon. 



Going digital is the way forward. Person Centred Software's digital social care record system complies with the Care Inspectorate and the General Data Protection Regulation; it's secure and remotely accessible and has helped QME Care deliver better-personalised care for our residents. It also increases operational efficiencies and gives us complete oversight across all three homes. I highly recommend the system."

Kelly Brown, 
Chief Executive of QME Care


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