How Person Centred Software has changed the everyday work of carers at WCS Care



Case Study

Warwickshire care home charity WCS Care had been searching for a suitable digital care planning solution for almost a decade when they first discovered Person Centred Software. Impressed by the innovative technology and its potential for improving the quality of care for residents, WCS Care quickly began using Mobile Care Monitoring and soon rolled the software out to all 13 of its homes.


Ed RussellChief Executive of WCS Care, explains: “We’d been looking for about 10 years in the marketplace and nothing really caught our eye – everything available seemed like replacements for a desktop computer or pieces of paper. When Person Centred Software came along, they were simply ahead of their time. They were using handheld devices, touchscreen technology and everything was icon-driven, which made it much easier for the frontline worker. With most people already familiar with mobile devices, it was an easy transition to make.”

Increased documentation and saves time

Since implementing Mobile Care Monitoring, WCS Care has seen care delivery across its services completely transformed, with more time being spent with residents and more care interactions recorded than ever before.

“Person Centred Software has been transformative in the simplest of ways. By carrying a handheld device and being able to record care in real-time, staff are logging ten times more interactions than they were before.

“Most importantly though, carers are spending much more time with residents than previously possible. Typically, towards the end of a shift people would come away from the floor to write up their notes from the day, and in that time, there’d be much less attention on the residents. Now that care can be recorded on-the-go, carers are spending up to an hour and a half less each day note-taking and the extra time saved here can be spent with residents instead.

“We often hear from our carers how Person Centred Software has transformed their days. One carer in particular told us how she used to dedicate the last hour or so of each shift to completing paperwork. Now though, one minute before she’s due to go home, she’ll find herself playing carpet boules with the residents instead – something that she never would have been able to do before. I think that’s a great example of how the software changes the everyday work of carers.”

Improved efficiency

As well as saving time for frontline staff, Ed says that Mobile Care Monitoring has improved the efficiency of carers by increasing accuracy, minimising errors and making the handover process between carers and shifts easier.

“Care is 24/7 and we have different shifts throughout the day. Throughout those different shifts, things can sometimes get missed, but Person Centred Software is there throughout the whole waking day and all through the night too. It’s that golden thread that runs through each shift that we have.”

By enabling staff to closely track and monitor resident care, Ed has also noticed a significant reduction in falls across nearly all of WCS Care’s sites, which he says is a direct result of using Person Centred Software.

“Thanks to Mobile Care Monitoring, we’ve been able to monitor fluid intake to ensure everyone is sufficiently hydrated. This has led to a reduction in falls in 11 out of 12 of our care homes that have comparable data and we’re expecting fewer urinary infections as a result also.”

Supports regulatory compliance

Furthermore, by encouraging better record management, Mobile Care Monitoring has helped WCS Care to show regulatory compliance during their CQC inspections.

“Person Centred Software has been very helpful with our CQC inspections. We have a good track record of receiving good and outstanding awards from CQC and Mobile Care Monitoring has helped to support that. It’s been particularly helpful to case track residents that inspectors can look at, at the click of a button and very quickly – and we don’t have to worry about losing any records.

“When we use the Relatives Gateway for any communications that come through, that is all recorded automatically in the software, as are any complaints that may come through – all of the things that a CQC inspector would want to look at.”

Manage and control infections

With COVID-19 continuing to impact the care industry, Ed says Mobile Care Monitoring has helped his homes track and monitor symptoms, and also enabled them to maintain positive relationships and transparency with relatives during lockdown.

“Person Centred Software has been a great support to us during the pandemic. There are many soft symptoms of COVID-19 that can go unnoticed, so Person Centred Software helps us track any changes in bowel movements and fluid intake, as well as any behavioural changes etc. All of these things can be analysed and we can spot changes very quickly and order any necessary tests. It’s been brilliant for helping us spot changes early on that we might otherwise have missed.”

Transparency with relatives

“The Relatives Gateway, which we brought in at the same time as Mobile Care Monitoring, has also been a really wonderful innovation for relatives to keep in touch with loved ones and to see how things are every day. Some relatives have said it’s akin to checking Facebook when they’re having breakfast in the morning to see what’s been going on, and to hold us to account for their loved ones’ care.

“Transparency is really important for us with relatives – they’re trusting us with their most loved ones, which became even more vital when national restrictions were implemented. So, the Relatives Gateway is a great tool for us to be open and to be transparent with people and to make sure we’re doing what we’re meant to be doing.”

Time to go digital

With the majority of care homes across the sector still using paper documentation and a variety of digital care management software available, making the switch to digital is an overwhelming prospect for many, and Ed’s advice is simple:

“It feels like a huge leap to make but it’s an inevitable direction of travel for us all. It makes things much, much easier.

“There are a number of digital care planning systems on the market, but what I would say sets Person Centred Software apart, from our experience, is that it’s so ahead of its time and so simple to use – that’s the reason we chose it.

“Another great thing about Person Centred Software is that they’re always keen to listen to the frontline to keep the strategic direction of the care planning software going in the right way…it’s brilliant.”

There are a number of digital care planning systems on the market, but what I would say sets Person Centred Software apart, from our experience, is that it’s so ahead of its time and so simple to use - that’s the reason we chose it.



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