How is connected care facilitated?

Advancing the future of preventative care and helping to minimise errors

The social care sector is undergoing a transformative shift towards connected care. For many care providers, moving away from traditional paper-based methods and going digital is the first step towards this shift.

Through the adoption of digital social care record systems, such as Person Centred Software's care planning system, mCare, care providers are able to move to a more connected future. This transition aims to improve the delivery of care by enabling health and care professionals to access and seamlessly exchange vital medical information securely and electronically, paving the way for faster, safer, high-quality, and person-centred continuous care.  

Connected care is not only facilitating seamless communication between health and social care professionals, but it's also encouraging collaboration and the sharing of data for more informed decision-making.  

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Continuous monitoring (which can help identify resident deterioration before a crisis) can be done using Person Centred Software's care planning system; this is one example of connected care that can enhance resident outcomes, along with a whole heap of other features that help to facilitate early intervention and reduce incidents, for example, features to support the prevention of falls, alerts to notify carers of warnings, indicating critical actions etc.  

Person Centred Software's digital social care record system also facilitates an efficient and person-centred way of creating care notes at the point of care. All the care notes are stored on the cloud-based system, and health and care professionals can analyse and share the resident data collected from the Care Delivery App to guide decisions and choose the best course of action to benefit the residents. 

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