PCS - Centrim Infrastructure and Sub-processors


This documentation describes the infrastructure environment and sub-processors and certain other entities material to PCS’s provision of the Services for Centrim products.

Capitalized terms used in this documentation are defined in PCS’s Terms and Conditions, Master Services Agreement and/or Data Processing Addendum. In the event of conflict, the Data Processing Addendum definition shall prevail.

Infrastructure – Personal Data Storage

The following table describes the countries and legal entities engaged in the storage of Customer Data (or Your data) submitted by customers to the Services.

Entity Entity Type Country
Amazon Web Services, Inc. Third-party hosting provider United Kingdom

Personal Data Processing

The following legal entities are engaged in processing Personal Data for non-storage purposes.

Entity Entity Type Country
Person Centered Software Limited PCS HQ United Kingdom
Papworth Computer Software Limited PCS Affiliate United Kingdom
E-Caret Solutions Pty Ltd Third party Centrim services provider Australia

PCS customers may subscribe to notifications of new sub-processors by sending an e-mail to legal@personcenteredsoftware.com.