Electronic care planning

 Everything care providers need to know 

What is electronic care planning?

Electronic care plans are digital versions of traditional paper-based care plans. They allow multiple health and care professionals to quickly access crucial information about the person receiving care.

These electronic care plans also outline the services and support the person being cared for receives along with what’s important to them, their care plan summary and wishes for their future care.  

Why are electronic care plans important in social care? 

Using electronic care plans in a health and social care setting is crucial for delivering outstanding quality care; electronic care planning aims to provide a better overall outcome for the resident, provide care teams with an easy, quick and convenient way to record care notes and access resident care plans when on the go.

Electronic care planning also helps to improve CQC scores by giving care providers all the information they need for their next CQC inspection. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) want to see care providers plan, manage and monitor care using electronic care planning software because it helps to demonstrate that carers are meeting their contractual obligations and delivering the care they promised. Aside from that, CQC wants to see care plans that are person-centred, accessible, legible and accurate, which is an impossible task with paper-based care plans.   

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Additionally, electronic care planning reduces time spent on paperwork with care interactions evidenced as they happen, achieving the aim of:  

PCS Time saving

Giving care staff more time to spend with residents doing the things they enjoy 

PCS Assessment

Supporting regulatory compliance  

PCS Carer

Improving the quality of care for residents  

Electronic care planning: the future of care

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Deliver person-centred care at the click of a button.

As ou probably already know, a government target has been set for 80% of all registered care providers to adopt a Digital Social Care Record (DSCR), such as Person Centred Software's electronic care planning system, by 2024.  

The government is urging care providers to shift towards digital technology by adopting Digital Social Care Records, as it will help improve the quality of care provided to service users by giving carers more time to focus on providing care and reducing the burden of onerous administrative tasks. 

Opting for electronic care planning is the ideal solution to simplify the care planning process; this digital option offers greater convenience, speed, and accuracy. Furthermore, it enables care providers to record more information and keep all resident data in one place, ensuring care teams remember all the essential details during the resident's treatment and care. 

At Person Centred Software, our goal has always been to improve the quality of care and provide the best possible support for care providers, helping them to deliver high-quality and person-centred care. 

Our Connected Care Platform, which incorporates an array of integrated solutions that interoperate and combine all your care software in one place, includes the UK's most widely used cloud-based electronic care planning system 

Used by over 5,000 care homes across the UK, Person Centred Software's electronic care planning system enables care staff to evidence all aspects of care, from creating and managing person-centred electronic care plans to risk assessments, charts and much more! 

Reasons why adopting an electronic care planning system will help your care setting

There are several reasons why the care sector is digitising the way they operate in care homes. Electronic care planning allows care providers in all care settings to decrease costs, provide a higher level of security and privacy, improve person-centred care and much more! 

the downes - case study

Electronic Care Planning Saves The Downes Time and Money

As a small care home, The Downes uses Person Centred Software’s electronic care planning system to save time and money
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Reasons why adopting an electronic care planning system will help your care setting

Discover the benefits of adopting an electronic care planning system in your care setting.