How are the 42 Integrated Care Systems improving health outcomes for people across England?

Removing barriers between health and care services to deliver better, more joined up care

There are 42 Integrated Care Systems across England, covering populations of around 500,000 to 3 million people. 

Each Integrated Care System has two core parts:  

  • Integrated Care Board (ICB)  
  • Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) 

An Integrated Care Board (ICB)
is a statutory NHS organisation responsible for planning and funding most NHS services in the area (how to spend the NHS budget, improve people's health, deliver high-quality care and get better value for money). 

An Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) is a statutory committee that brings the NHS together with local authorities and other key partners to create an overall strategy to improve health and wellbeing. 

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The establishment of all 42 Integrated Care Systems serves four strategic purposes:  

  • Improving population health and healthcare  
  • Tackling unequal outcomes and access 
  • Enhancing productivity and value for money 
  • Helping the NHS to support broader social and economic development 

Adapting to a changing world

As our health and care needs are changing, with people starting to live longer and many developing complex illnesses and long-term conditions requiring around-the-clock care from various services and professionals, integrated care is needed now more than ever.  

The 42 Integrated Care Systems, which bring many benefits, will improve health outcomes for people across England. The main aim of ICSs is to help deliver better, more integrated care for patients by bringing councils, voluntary and community services and the health service together in a particular area. 

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Delivering better, more integrated care will: 

PCS Healthcare proffessional

Help to improve people's lives and deliver better outcomes to those using health and social care services 

PCS Handover

Put an end to the deep divide between health and social care services 

PCS Carer

Relieve pressure on health and social care services   

PCS GP Connect

Enhance the coordination of care to facilitate quicker diagnosis and treatment 

PCS Alert Circle

Enable services to be more proactive and effective 

PCS Time saving

Ensure that people receive the right care in the right place at the right time 

PCS Person Centred Interactions

Help to save lives

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