What are the benefits of Integrated Care Systems?

Person-centred coordinated care 

People benefit from care that is person-centred and coordinated. Person-centred coordinated care achieves better outcomes for people and improves efficiency for health and social care services.  

In order to improve person-centred coordinated care, the delivery of integrated care is essential. For care to be integrated, health and care organisations and professionals must work together to meet the needs of individuals, which is where Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) come in. 

Central to the NHS Long Term Plan and Health and Care Act, the 42 integrated care systems, the future of health and care integration, was created with the purpose of bringing together partner organisations to plan and deliver joined-up health and care services.

Understanding integrated care systems is essential to a connected care future. 

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What are the benefits of Integrated Care Systems?

Integrated Care Systems help with the delivery of joined-up health and care services. 

Health and social care integration ensure all parts of health and social care systems work together to meet the needs of individuals, ensuring that those who use health and social care services get the right care and support, whatever their needs, at the right time and in the right setting. 

Integrated care has the potential to revolutionise the health and social care industry with its numerous benefits. Implementing joined-up and integrated care will:

PCS Carer
Help to improve people’s lives 

PCS Dashboard
Deliver better outcomes

PCS Team work
End the deep divide between health and social care 
PCS Care home
Reduce pressure on health and social care services   

PCS Number one choice
Improve coordinated care, helping to give quicker diagnosis and treatment 
PCS Handover
Help care delivery to become less fragmented  

Person Centred Software has helped many care providers apply for funding and are working in partnership with Integrated Care Systems to host several virtual and in-person events across the UK.  

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