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PCS Smart Cups

What are Smart Cups? 

Smart Cups are intelligent drinking glasses that continuously monitor fluid and summarise and provide relevant insights and notifications to carers, healthcare professionals and relatives.

Weighing cells and accelerometers are used to accurately measure fluid intake, as well as intelligent algorithms to eliminate liquids poured into the sink.
Why is monitoring fluid so important
Dehydration is a bigger problem than you think; by monitoring water intake, you can:
  • Help muscle mass and body fluid content, which decrease with age
  • Help quench thirst - many older adults experience a weakened thirst and desire to drink
  • Help with medication intake, which can affect fluid balance in the body
  • Help remind residents to keep hydrated - older adults can sometimes forget to drink, especially if they are struggling with cognitive impairments (such as onset dementia)
  • Help with communication and coordination between professional groups and older adults

What are the benefits of Smart Cups? 

  • Evidencing fluids: Monitor fluid intake accurately and eliminate fluids poured down a sink without staff witnessing it. 
  • Tracking fluids for independent residents: Monitor when and how much residents are independently drinking. 
  • Increase the level of care & support: Through the data, you are able to understand individual drinking habits. 
  • Visibility on fluids provided by visitors: Smart cups allow you see what has been given by visitors and  what has been consumed. 
  • Notifications: The smart cup sends notifications that help to motivate older adults to drink. 
  • IoT Solution - You don’t need Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for the Smart Cups to work, turn the device onand it connects straightway 
  • Meeting regulatory requirements & legal obligations 
Smart Cups and digital care system

How do Smart Cups work with digital care planning?

  • Fluid is poured into the Smart Cup 
  • Resident drinks fluid from Smart Cup 
  • Care note (fluid) is automatically created within our Digital Care System containing the amount of fluid consumed, this updates the fluid watch and charts in the Digital Care System 


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