Allowing families to stay connected to their loved ones in care easily

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FamilyHub helps to engage families and keep everyone connected through a variety of features:  

  • Video calling 

  • Picture and message sharing 

  • Complete surveys and provide meaningful feedback to staff 

  • Access to their loved one’s health information 

  • See a timeline of their loved one’s activities and wellbeing programs*

  • Make in-app purchases for their loved ones to enjoy*
*Optional extras

What are the benefits of using FamilyHub for the family?

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  • Helps family, residents and staff maintain strong relationships 

  • Gives families full transparency and connection to their loved ones 

  • Allows families to receive proactive updates 

  • Provide feedback through in-app services so that your voice is heard 

  • Easily spoil your loved one from afar with in-app purchases of services, outings, and gifts* 


*Optional extras

What are the benefits of using FamilyHub for care providers?

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  • A great advantage to showcase your care home’s commitment to resident experience!  

  • Acts as a strong differentiator over your competitors, making your home very attractive to prospective families. 

  • Increase family satisfaction and reduce the risk of family complaints, with automated information flowing to family members 

  • Reduce staff costs associated with keeping family members informed 

  • Ancillary revenue opportunities through family in-app purchases* 
*Optional extras

What are the benefits of using FamilyHub?

FamilyHub is super easy and stress-free to use!
PCS Number one choice
It is accessible via all the usual app stores! 
All relatives have to do is download the app and log in. The app is fully secure, and all data is stored in the cloud.   
PCS Relatives Gateaway
Family members are invited by care staff or another family member who has permission to invite additional family members.  
PCS Incidents
Family members can receive push notifications, which the family members can tailor. These notifications can inform family members about their loved one’s daily life, such as care, activities, photos, or services. 

FamilyHub, part of ResHub

ResHub consists of three main areas: FamilyHub, MyHub and StaffHub. Each focuses on a particular user (family, resident, and staff). ResHub is a complete resident experience solution that creates an unrivalled resident, family and staff experience while achieving exceptional operational efficiency!  

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Connected Care 

We offer a suite of integrated solutions covering the full ecosystem of care management within social care.

PCS Digital Care System-1

Digital Care System

Our system allows for flexible integration with a wide variety of our partners, providing you a complete ecosystem of care.

Person Centred Software ATLAS eMAR-1


ATLAS is the only electronic medicines management system in the UK proven to increase resident safety and improve care home efficiency
Person Centred Software Digital Reception

Digital Reception

Digital Reception is a front of house e-reception book for visitors, staff and residents.

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Wellbeing & Activities Platform

24-7 access to content created by experts in wellbeing, mental health, dementia, nutrition and more!