Social care charities

Giving back

Supporting social care charities and giving back to the community is fundamental to fostering a compassionate and cohesive society.

Social care charities play a crucial role in addressing social issues, providing relief to those in need, and promoting the well-being of communities. By supporting charitable organisations, we contribute to a collective effort that enhances the quality of life for many individuals, drives social change, and creates a supportive environment where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. 

At PCS, we recognise the importance of this mission. We believe that our success is not only measured by our achievements but also by the positive impact we have on our community. Supporting social care charities allows us to extend our resources and influence beyond our immediate reach, helping to build a more inclusive and caring society. Our commitment to giving back is a reflection of our core values and our dedication to creating a better future for all. 

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Our chosen social care charities

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The Care Workers’ Charity

The Care Workers’ Charity (CWC) was founded in 2009 to support current and former care workers with one-off crisis grants. 

Since 2020 they have paid out over £5.7million in Grants to over 10,000 care workers in need. 

The Care Workers’ Charity, works hard to support care workers through times of crisis by supplying financial support, signposting to resources, and providing access to services. They are the only benevolent fund for paid care workers in the UK.  

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CommonAge is a social care charity advocating to ensure older people are fully recognised in society and are supported and enabled to live well in an all-age friendly commonwealth. 

CommonAge actively lobby governments, encourage sharing of ideas and promoting intergenerational activities and support ongoing research into issues affecting older people in the Commonwealth. 

Why are The Care Workers Charity & CommonAge important to Person Centred Software?

The Care Workers’ Charity

Person Centred Software has had the privilege of working alongside The Care Workers' Charity (CWC) since 2018. Our decision to partner with CWC stems from their unwavering commitment to compassion and their deep-seated dedication to making a tangible difference in the lives of both those receiving care and those providing it. This aligns perfectly with our own ethos, as we believe in creating solutions that genuinely enhance the care experience and that are not only effective but also deeply appreciated by carers, because they are designed with their needs and challenges in mind.  

At the heart of everything we do is a shared mission to support and uplift the care community, and our partnership with CWC is a testament to that commitment. 

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As both organisations share the same goal and aim of improving the quality of life for older people, it’s only natural for Person Centred Software and CommonAge to collaborate and form a partnership. Person Centred Software's core values align perfectly with CommonAge's mission to enhance the lives of older people by advocating for their rights, emphasising the importance of their inclusion and wellbeing in society. 

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Our fundraising initiatives 

Alongside our annual commitment to support The Care Workers Charity, we have also enjoyed various fundraising activities throughout the years.  

Since 2018, we proudly host Glad to Care Awareness Week, a special time dedicated to honouring and appreciating the unwavering dedication of care workers. This whole week serves as a heartfelt tribute to the entire social care sector, celebrating the hard work and compassion of care professionals everywhere. 

In our commitment to supporting the care community, we donate £2 to The Care Workers' Charity and $2 to CommonAge for every sign-up. This year, during Glad to Care Awareness Week 2024, we were thrilled to contribute £1,200 to CWC and $400 to CommonAge. This donation reflects our ongoing effort to give back to those who give so much, and we are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to support such a worthy cause.  

During Professional Care Workers Week, we went above and beyond to support and engage carers by creating a special downloadable Activities Pack. This pack, designed for carers to enjoy either on their own or with their residents, featured two fun and interactive activities: drawing and baking, both sourced from our innovative Oomph! On-Demand Platform. 

Our initiative aimed to bring joy and a sense of community to care settings, and we were delighted by the positive response it received. Furthermore, we were proud to contribute £698 to The Care Workers' Charity as part of this effort. This donation underscores our commitment to supporting the care community and enhancing the well-being of both carers and those they care for. 

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In 2021, we hosted the Hadrian’s Wall Fundraising Trek, an inspiring event where Person Centred Software staff embarked on a challenging 13-mile trek around some of the most well-known historic landmarks. This memorable journey was not just an adventure, but a testament to our team's dedication and spirit. 

Through this trek, we were thrilled to raise £1,000 for CWC. The funds raised reflect our ongoing commitment to making a positive impact and supporting important initiatives that align with our values. 

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