Learning and Development Solutions

Promoting a culture of learning to improve care outcomes 

At Person Centred Software, we aim beyond simply providing software for care settings. Instead, our goal is to be a long-term partner, supporting every aspect of the journey toward person-centred care. A vital part of this journey involves offering learning and development opportunities for staff.  

Our learning and development solutions, part of our Connected Care Platform, are designed to provide everyone working in your care setting with the tools they need to develop their existing skills, learn new skills, and ensure they always achieve the highest standard of care. 

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Our learning and development solutions 

Our learning and development solutions consist of: 

Staff using wellbeing app

Wellbeing & Activities Training for staff

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Redcrier Training

What is learning and development in social care? 

Learning and development in social care settings ensure that staff and managers have the opportunity to progress in their skills and experience, thereby providing residents with a greater quality of life and care.  

Improving residents' wellbeing could include gaining greater knowledge and understanding of subjects like communication, supporting creativity, or enhancing community engagement. Improving staff wellbeing could include leadership skills, managing staff stress and anxiety, budget management, and compliance with regulations. 

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Why is learning and development so important?

Learning and development are important as they provide a platform for care staff and managers to improve the quality of care they can provide to people living in care through greater knowledge, skills and experience. 

It means that in an industry that is changing rapidly, they can always ensure they remain at the forefront of best practices and the latest ideas in care provision. Not only this, but it means they can stay up to date with the latest regulatory requirements.  

How our solutions for learning and development can help improve the skills, experience and knowledge of staff  

Our Connected Care Platform includes solutions for learning and development that touch on every aspect of what it takes to deliver the highest quality of person-centred care. Whether for staff or managers, our learning and development solutions offer a whole- home approach to continued progression and help foster a culture of improvement that can improve the quality of life for everybody living and working in care. 

For example, our Wellbeing & Activities Training for Staff, available through PCS LEARN, offers CPD-certified courses on a range of subjects that cover every aspect of delivering the very best care geared towards wellbeing.  

The programmes are either face-to-face workshops or e-learning courses and can be tailored to meet the learning and development goals of everybody working in the care setting. 

Wellness and Activities Training

Our learning and development solutions also include Redcrier, which offers over 100 courses on care provision, including care planning, clinical governance, dementia awareness, customer service, dignity and respect, falls prevention, positive risk- taking, wheelchair safety and many more.  

By harnessing the knowledge available through Redcrier and the Wellbeing & Activities Training for staff, care settings can be confident they are always best positioned to provide outstanding care in an ever-changing industry landscape. 


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