Business Owner

For the Business Owner

Monitor care trend analysis to ensure safe and responsive services, and demonstrate the high-quality, person-centred care you provide to regulatory bodies

PCS Business Owner

Benefits for you

  • Monitor care delivery to ensure critical care is happening, like fluids, are being offered. Measure the completeness of records and identify where records need attention
  • Benefit from cost savings associated with the reduction of paper and printing and the adoption of digital records
  • Monitor the handover process, occupancy statistics and other KPIs to ensure consistent quality and provide safe and responsive services
  • Increase operational efficiencies through staff using the system to work more effectively, be happier in their work and reduce staff turnover
  • Provide detailed evidence of care to demonstrate to CQC and other regulatory bodies the high-quality, person-centred care people receive
  • Accurate evidence of care and easily accessible data for accident and incident trend analysis and insights into areas such as falls, UTIs and BMI