For Carers

Care staff love using the digital system over all others as Mobile Care Monitoring is easy to use and learn; reduces stress; facilitates teamwork and gives more time to care.

PCS Carer

Benefits for you

  • Icon-driven Care App can be used by everyone, even if English is not your first language, you are dyslexic, or you have not used a smartphone before
  • Spend more time with the people you support and less time on administration and paperwork to provide a better quality of care that really makes a difference
  • Record care wherever you are. No more rushing to write up care notes. Work offline and online, without worrying about the internet connection
  • Access all the information you need to provide care in the palm of your hand. Preferences, care plans and important information are all available when you provide care
  • Record care only once. All the usual charts, reports and graphs are automatically created from the evidence of care you capture on the Care App, without duplicating it
  • Conduct informed assessments and feedback directly into care plans quickly and easily so visibility of every person’s complete care day is known about