For Nurses

Nurses love using the digital system over all others as Mobile Care Monitoring is easy to use and learn; reduces stress; facilitates teamwork, saves time and gives more time to care.

PCS Nurse

Benefits for you

  • Receive more care records of a better quality, and in a format that you can easily analyse. Avoid unnecessary stress or wasted time wading through paper records
  • Plan person-centred care routines that meet both the social and medical needs of the people you support. Create and review well-written, person-centred care plans informed by evidence of care
  • Empower your whole team to succeed through effective handover processes. Provide your nurses and carers with real-time evidence of care to help them make informed decisions to benefit the people you support
  • Record care only once. All the usual charts, reports and graphs are automatically created from the evidence of care you capture on the Care App, without duplicating it
  • Conduct informed assessments and feedback directly into care plans quickly and easily so visibility of every person’s complete care day is known about
  • Accurate evidence of care and easily accessible data for accident and incident trend analysis and insights into areas such as falls, UTIs and BMI
  • Nurses can view in real time all aspects of their Residents’ GP records via Monitor in Mobile Care Monitoring as well as being able to automatically validate the NHS number held within Mobile Care Monitoring. Currently this service is available to care homes in England who comply with NHS Data Security and Protection (DSP) standards.
  • Share information, automatically compiled from up-to-date care records, with ambulance and hospital staff in line with the eRedBag initiative, so they can treat and care for your resident quickly and easily
  • Track and manage wounds and infections more efficiently with the ability to uploads photos and track treatment progress more visibility