5 Reasons why you should ditch paper and switch to a digital care management system

Reasons for going paperless

The use of digital technology in health and social care can improve the quality, efficiency and a person's experience, helping to support the integrated care initiative and improving the health of the population across the UK.

More time to care

A digital care management system, such as Person Centred Software's Digital Care Planning System, gives care staff more time to care. Moving away from paper-based processes and switching to a digital system will free up time for care workers and managers on administrative tasks and equip care staff with the information they need to deliver care.

Care providers using Person Centred Software's icon-driven Digital Care Management System evidence, on average, over 50 quality care notes per resident per day – which isn't possible on paper or many other systems.


Person Centred Software’s Digital Care Planning System is brilliant; we can't praise it enough. It has saved our staffing teams a great deal of time, and they don't have to spend hours on paperwork each week anymore. Our care workers now get to spend one-on-one time with our residents doing the things they enjoy, such as well-being and sensory activities, which can improve their mood, self-esteem, and overall well-being.
QME 1x1
Steven Bailey
Executive Assistant at QME Care

Access information instantly at the click of a button

Whenever carers record and save work on Person Centred Software's Digital Care Management System, it's not only recorded in real-time, it becomes instantly accessible to the next carer.  


Care teams can find everything they need to know about the person their caring for with a click of a button, from body maps and fluid and nutrition monitoring to oral hygiene, wound care, review cycles, assessments and much more! All the system's features are integrated to provide comprehensive, detailed and up-to-date care plans, which care teams can instantly access at any time. The software combines all the essential information for carers into one place, ensuring carers have the information they need to deliver outstanding care at their fingertips. 

Worrying about care notes not being saved against the resident's file? No need to worry; the digital care management system's Offline Access feature lets carers record notes, even if they're not online. Carers can continue to write and save care notes, and once the device comes back online, the care notes are synced back to the Monitor


The system is undoubtedly helping us deliver the best care possible. Carers can access much more detailed information, and I love the speech-to-text functionality, which enables carers to accurately convert their voice to text. Of course, carers can still free type on the system, but the app-based software makes it a much more consistent approach to recording care. Now that we have much more information recorded, we can use the evidence to improve and drive the quality of care - it's a complete game-changer for care providers. 
Care South 1x1
Aaron Whitehead
Director of Residential Care at Care South

Helps to deliver joined up health and care services

Joined up care is essential for data and information sharing. Not only does Person Centred Software's digital care management system connect information within care settings, but it interoperates across social care and healthcare, enabling data to be shared securely and in real-time with authorised individuals across the health and care sector. 

For example, Person Centred Software's integration with GP Connect improves clinical decision-making and facilitates better patient care and outcomes. With GP Connect, registered social care providers can access residents' case histories at record speed, enabling them to make faster and more responsible medical decisions. In addition, GP Connect has massively improved information flow as people transition between hospital and care home settings - and this is just one example of Person Centred Software's joined up care features. Click here to see them all.  


We’ve found the software to be fantastic – the access to GP Patient records is instant, which saves an invaluable amount of time. It enables our care home to process admissions much quicker as the information is at hand, which is a great help for the hospitals, especially when they struggle for beds.
Aura 1x1
Marinel Purdea
Deputy Manager at Aura Care Living

Secure and GDPR compliant

The care you record using Person Centred Software's Digital Care Management System is fully GDPR compliant. In addition, each individual's personal data is also protected and kept safe.  


Person Centred Software delivers a high standard of data security to ensure personal records and sensitive information are kept secure and protected - data security and information governance are taken very seriously, using a number of measures to keep everything secure.

Person Centred Software's data storage is fully resilient, with no single point of failure. 


I love it; it’s quicker and easier, and you can’t lose paperwork.
Arbory 1x1
Toni Hanchant
Senior Support worker, The Arbory Residential Home

Person-centred care notes

Person Centred Software's icon-driven care notes feature was designed with care workers in mind. The icons are central to the Care App's design, enabling care workers to record care notes quickly and accurately, resulting in more care notes and more time spent with residents.. 

With pre-populated care notes and an icon-driven interface, medical records and care notes are kept up to date efficiently and accurately. This means care providers can perform better, allowing more time for carers to spend with residents and providing the best care environment for all. 

In addition, with the Digital Care Management System's wide range of features, care teams can learn more and better understand the people they care for and their preferences, likes and dislikes, which improves person-centred care.  


It's much easier for carers to record and evidence care with Person Centred Software's handheld devices - even staff who are not as up-to-date with technology find the software easy to use. As a manager, I can click into the system and get a quick overview of what's been happening in the care home; it enables me to ensure our residents are receiving quality care, even when I'm not in the home.
Amuica 1x1
Julie Whitaker
Care Home Manager at The Rivers Care Home

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