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The Digital Care System contains many features that support the prevention of falls, post falls processes, reporting and the analysis of falls.

Effective fluid monitoring leads to reduced falls

Evidencing fluids

The icon-driven Care App allows for easier recording of drinks offered with the ability to record how much has been consumed. Preferences and special instructions are prompted at the point of care meaning that carers can easily evidence fluids and know how best to support residents. This leads to a greater level of compliance in care records and provides more data, and is more accurate and quicker than paper records.

Fluid monitoring

Promotes continued hydration by providing a 24-hour rolling monitor of the amount of fluids offered and consumed for residents set up with a fluid ‘watch’. The fluid targets can be personalised to individuals’ needs and preferences. Our customer studies have demonstrated a 33% reduction in falls.
Fluids on handover

Users can quickly see the hydration levels for the whole community as part of the automated handover process – meaning they can quickly identify those who need fluids to be encouraged.

Fluid charts

Automatically updated from the care recorded on the Care App;
the fluid chart enables users to see historical fluid intake for the residents they support, including from other sources, such as soups or ice lollies.
Fluid charts
Our partner Jelly Drops™ provide an innovative solution to boost hydration levels for those living with dementia. Mobile Care Monitoring features a Jelly Drops™ action icon which records the number of drops consumed and automatically calculates the fluid intake, updates the fluids chart and monitoring features.


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