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IP Address Whitelist     

Restrict Access to Monitor and the Care App to your Organisation's Network   

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PCS IP Whitelist

What does the IP Address Whitelist feature do?  

There are flexible IP Whitelist options to restrict access to Monitor and the Care App depending on your size and type of organisation:   

IP address whitelist (specified) - your internal IT team can manage the locations where your data is accessed using specified IP Whitelists for both Monitor and the Care App.    

IP address whitelist (dynamic) - validate the locations for Monitor access using authorised devices to update the IP whitelist automatically.    

IP address whitelist overrides - allow organisations to give access to specified users to enable them to access the system from anywhere, e.g. allowing your regional team to support services remotely.    


What are the benefits of the IP Address Whitelist feature?

  • Feel confident knowing that your data is secure and only accessed at authorised locations    
  • Enable your regional team or users who need access outside of the home to still login if configured to do so    
  • Flexible configuration to ensure that whether you have an IT team or not, you can still benefit from enabling IP restrictions   

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