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Plan Care Day

Plan resident’s regular care requirements 

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What does the Plan Care Day feature do?   

Plan Care Day allows you to set up each resident's regular care requirements, from when they need to be washed and dressed in the morning to medication requirements.  

The planned care is reflected in multiple areas of the system to ensure every carer knows when to provide 'critical care' requirements.    

Plan your staffing levels for each planned care, so you know how many staff you need on shift.   Mark certain care needs such as fluid needs as a 'watch for' to monitor the amount of fluid a resident has in 24 hours.    

What are the benefits of using the Plan Care Day featurefor carers?

  • Provides a structured care system for carers to focus on the important care needs, which must be provided for each resident   
  • Plan your staffing needs based on the type of planned care flagged for that day  

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