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Aug 22, 2023

Download our special dementia-friendly Activities Calendar

Keep Your Residents Active with our activities calendar specially tailored for people with dementia

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September is World Alzheimer’s Month, and we would like to support you with Keeping Residents Active and to help you provide the best possible person-centred wellbeing activities by giving a special dementia-friendly Activities Calendar to all care homes in the UK. 

Why it’s important to tailor activities to people with dementia 

Providing a range of activities that are tailored to people with dementia is important because it gives them the opportunity to stay active and engaged and reduces the chances of them feeling isolated, frustrated or depressed.  

Through creative and communal activities like cooking, painting or taking part in a quiz, people with dementia have the chance to express themselves, feel a sense of accomplishment and connect with the people around them and form a closer relationship to those who care for them, while exercise programs such as chair yoga or even dancing can give people with dementia a physical boost and help with mobility and their sense of independence.  

What’s included in the activities calendar?   

By downloading our special dementia-friendly activities calendar to coincide with Alzheimer’s Month, you can have access to an entire month of unique and varied activities that will keep your residents happy and engaged. 

Here’s a preview of what to expect in the activities calendar: 

  • Cooking Day: Get your residents to help you out in the kitchen! Try recipes with fewer steps or ingredients.
  • Create A Personalised Gift Card: Encourage your residents to create a personalised gift card for someone they care about, promoting their creativity! Click here for more info  
  • Get Healthy Day: Host an armchair exercise session with your residents to keep them active and healthy.
  • Gardening Day: Encourage your residents to help in the garden by gently weeding the garden, maintaining houseplants or growing herbs and flowers! 

    Stand a chance to win 3 months free access to Oomph! On Demand, or a Hobbycraft Voucher if you already have the platform!

    As part of our FREE Activities Calendar, we want to showcase all the wonderful activities that carers and activity coordinators do with their residents. We would like to encourage you to share your amazing activities on social media where you can stand a chance to win 3 months free access to Oomph! On Demand, or a Hobbycraft Voucher if you already have the platform!

    How to enter the competition: 

    • Download the activities calendar 
    • Organise the activity mentioned in our activities calendar 
    • Take a photo / video of your residents taking part in the activity 
    • Post the photo / video on your organisation’s social media channel 
    • Tag @Person Centred Software and @Oomph Wellness on your post and include the hashtag #KeepingResidentsActive 

    We pick a winner each month, so if you didn’t win, you could stand another chance in the next month!

Oomph! On-Demand 

Oomph Product

If you are interested in more activities, wellbeing and exercise ideas for your home, we have over 1000 resources, activities and ideas on our Oomph! On-Demand Platform! 

Oomph! On-Demand enables people in care to take part in specialist activity programmes 24-7 - created especially for them based on their individual needs and personal interests. 

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August 22, 2023

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