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Apr 30, 2024

Partner Webinar - Delphi

Delphi Webinar-2

About this webinar:

“Evidencing CQC Quality Statements, Increasing Profitability, and Where to Find Help When Things Go South!

This webinar aims to provide valuable guidance and practical insights to help care providers navigate regulatory compliance, enhance profitability, and access necessary support structures to maintain high standards of care.


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What is covered:

  • Understanding and Evidencing CQC Quality Statements: Participants will gain insight into the essential components of CQC Quality Statements and learn effective strategies for demonstrating compliance with regulatory standards.
  • Optimising Occupancy and Resource Allocation: The webinar will explore methods for maximising occupancy pipeline and efficiently allocating resources, catering to both private-paying residents and those funded by local authorities.
  • For when things go south: Attendees will learn where to find immediate support for addressing care quality and compliance issues, with a specialised emphasis on supporting those in senior leadership roles. Being a senior leader in care is rewarding but can also be challenging and lonely, especially when care staff and other departments look to you to provide all the answers. We hope to give the direction of where senior leaders can find support and guidance when they need it the most.


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April 30, 2024

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