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Jan 29, 2024

Digital care solutions for care providers

How far have you progressed on your digital social care journey?


The advancements in digital technology have brought about an array of opportunities for adult social care services and those receiving care. Through innovative digital care solutions, care providers can now deliver better, safer and more personalised care, giving care home residents more control over their lives and helping them achieve better outcomes.

For example, our digital social care record system, mCare, has transformed how care providers deliver, manage and evidence care and improved the quality of life of those receiving and providing care.


When it comes to digital care solutions, as a care provider, you may feel a little overwhelmed and unsure about which options are best, depending on where you are in your digital social care journey. So, to help you, we've compiled some pointers below.


Has your digital social care journey just begun?

The Department of Health and Social Care's target was to ensure that 80% of care providers have a digital social care record system in place by the end of March 2024. Although many care providers now use a digital social care record system, many others are just beginning their journey to going digital and are still searching for the right system to implement.


To help care providers understand the Digitising Social Care programme, what to consider when going digital and how to take steps to go digital, we've created a handy guide to answer all your questions.




With the help of our guide, you will have a better understanding of how to go digital, and if you need further assistance, feel free to give us a call so we can help you.


Click here to download ‘A Guide to Going Digital with your Social Care Records by 2024’.


So, you've got a digital social care record system? What's next for care providers? 

If you've already implemented a digital social care record system and are looking for more options to help you take your care management process to the next level, keep reading! 

In today's world, there are multiple software solutions that can be a great help to care providers in managing different aspects of care.


Whether it's an electronic medication administration record system, wellbeing and activity solutions that leverage technology to boost the physical and emotional health and wellbeing of those in care, care home maintenance software, or a dependency tool to plan your staffing, the list goes on! There is no shortage of digital tools available to assist care professionals with the delivery of care. 


But what if you had an all-in-one care management platform that avoids the hassle of managing multiple supplier relationships, includes all the digital tools mentioned above, plus more?




Our Connected Care Platform, a one-stop solution for care providers that covers the full spectrum of care management through integrated solutions, provides you with everything you need. 

Want to learn more about our Connected Care Platform? Click here


You can also read 'The benefits of an all-in-one care management platform' here. 


Start your digital journey with Person Centred Software today.

Our Connected Care Platform is an all-in-one cloud-based care management platform that covers the full spectrum of care management through integrated solutions that help drive outstanding care and improve the lives of those receiving care and those working in the sector.  


January 29, 2024

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