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Apr 10, 2024

Fulcrum Mini Mock Inspection Webinar



This webinar has now been completed 

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About this webinar:

We're excited to announce that our Partners Fulcrum are offering Mini Mock Inspections!

By attending this webinar, PCS’ care provider clients can expect to come away with a comprehensive understanding of how to leverage PCS technology and Fulcrum Care's expertise to enhance their compliance and care quality, preparing them effectively for CQC visits.

Sign up and Join the Webinar on Tuesday 16th April at 10am and for your chance to win a free Mini Mock Inspection!


What will be covered:

  • Understanding the Importance of CQC Standards: Care providers will gain a deep understanding of Care Quality Commission (CQC) standards and why they are crucial for maintaining high-quality care within their services. The webinar will likely cover the fundamental principles of these standards and their application in daily care provision.
  • Insights into Seamless Integration of PCS Technology: Attendees will learn how the Remote Mini Mock CQC Inspection service integrates seamlessly with PCS technology, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the inspection process. This includes demonstrations or case studies showing the practical benefits of this integration in real-world settings.
  • Expert Compliance Insights: Fulcrum Care's compliance expertise will be a significant focus, providing attendees with valuable insights into achieving and maintaining compliance with CQC standards. This might include best practices, common pitfalls to avoid, and strategies for continuous improvement in care quality.
  • Actionable Feedback Implementation: The webinar will teach care providers how to interpret and implement the detailed, actionable feedback provided by the Remote Mini Mock CQC Inspection service. This includes understanding how to prioritise actions, allocate resources effectively, and track improvements over time.
  • Cost-Effective Compliance Strategies: Given the cost-effective nature of the service, the webinar will likely cover how care providers can utilise this service to achieve compliance and high-quality care without incurring excessive costs. This could include budgeting tips, understanding the return on investment, and planning for long-term compliance.
  • Elevating Care Quality: Finally, attendees will learn how the combination of Fulcrum Care's compliance expertise and PCS's cutting-edge software can be used to not only meet but exceed CQC standards, leading to an overall elevation in care quality. This section may cover innovative care practices, technology adoption, and strategies for engaging staff and residents in quality improvement initiatives.



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April 10, 2024

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