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Dec 05, 2022

GDPR-compliant visitor management system

Say hello to Person Centred Software’s new front-of-house, hands-free, GDPR-compliant electronic visitor management system, Digital Reception. 


12 benefits of Digital Reception

  • Gives your visitors a great first impression
  • Helps to meet safety and compliance requirements
  • Cuts out manual processes and improves digital efficiency
  • Includes COVID vaccination status check and editable COVID questions
  • Allows feedback to be shared quickly and effortlessly
  • Visitors’ details can be integrated into your Digital Care System to evidence who has visited each resident
  • Gives better visibility into visitor activity
  • Links to your Person Centred Software’s Digital Care Plan to auto-populate a visitor’s arrival and departure within the resident’s care notes
  • Staff costs can be reduced
  • Staff costs can be reduced
  • Digital Reception is integrated with Autumna, bringing you a new sophisticated feedback module which allows care homes to gather valuable feedback in real-time
  • Saves time, reduces workload, and improves employee well-being
December 5, 2022

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