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Aug 16, 2023

How ATLAS eMAR helps with medication reconciliation in a care setting

Customer Experience Manager, Martin Wall, discusses how ATLAS eMAR helps with medication reconciliation

Managing and reconciling medications can be a complex process, particularly in a care setting where residents may have multiple prescriptions from different healthcare providers.

Fortunately, an electronic medication administration records (eMAR) system can help streamline this process and provide numerous benefits to residents and care providers. 

What is medication reconciliation?

Medication reconciliation is a process that involves comparing a resident’s medication orders or prescriptions against their current medication regimen. This is done to identify any discrepancies, such as overdoses, omissions, or interactions, that may be harmful to the resident.

The process of medication reconciliation can often be time-consuming and error-prone, particularly when done manually using paper-based methods. That is why it is vital for care homes to implement a robust eMAR system that can help automate the reconciliation process, making it more efficient and reliable.

How ATLAS eMAR provides the answer

Person Centred Software’s ATLAS eMAR system is the UK’s market-leading solution that helps care homes manage their medication administration process. The system is designed to improve medication administration accuracy, reduce medication errors, and improve overall resident safety. The system is designed to automatically match a resident's medication regimen with their medication list, eliminating the need to compare medication lists manually. 

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The benefits of using ATLAS eMAR for medication reconciliation are numerous. One of the key benefits is that the system can help detect medication discrepancies more accurately and quickly than manual reconciliation methods.  

The risk of medication discrepancies is that residents can inadvertently receive too little or too much medication. However, with implementing ATLAS eMAR, it eliminates that risk as it provides real-time information about the medication needs of each resident. This information can include details such as medication dosage, administration times and how to administer the medication. 

The benefits of two-way integration 

In the Care Homes’ Use of Medicines Study (CHUMS) report it states that 30% of medication errors in care homes are made by GPs and Pharmacies, but with ATLAS eMAR it brings the statistical error to less than 1%. This is due to ATLAS eMAR’s unique two-way link barcode integration between the pharmacy and care home; it essentially helps to eradicate any pharmacy errors when it comes to prescribing medication to residents.

Pharmacies using ATLAS will follow a strict process for dispensing medication. Each prescription is scanned into an image that can be viewed on the system and each medication item is barcode-validated to ensure it is correctly dispensed, and every label is issued with a barcode so it can be scanned on the system. 

Manage stock levels more efficiently with ATLAS eMAR

With ensuring best practice for medicines management, balancing medicine stock levels also plays a key part in a care homes’ medication reconciliation process.


ATLAS eMAR helps to manage stock levels to avoid overstocking whilst ensuring that medications don’t run out. The system essentially warns staff 9 days before medicines run out and it also counts down the days by sending a push report every day into staff’s inbox, keeping everyone accountable about the progress of the care home’s medicines management operations. 

Using an electronic medication management system like ATLAS eMAR can provide many benefits to care homes and their residents. This technology is essential for helping care providers to manage the medication administration process more efficiently and to ensure that residents receive the correct medications.

By automating the medication reconciliation process, it will inadvertently reduce the risk of medication errors, improve communication and transparency between care homes and pharmacies, thus ensuring residents safety and wellbeing in care homes. 

Find out how ATLAS eMAR helps with stock control

Martin Wall, our Customer Experience Manager for ATLAS eMAR, answers your questions on how our eMAR system can help streamline and simplify the medication management process to ensure your care home maintains oversight of stock control.


August 16, 2023

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