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Jun 22, 2020

Adult Social Care Infection Control Fund


Your care home could benefit from the Government's additional £341m Adult Social Care Infection Control Fund allocated by your local authority to your care home to help you manage and control infections.

Upgrade your care systems to the latest technology

During the COVID-19 crisis, technology has enabled care homes to:

  • quickly identify and manage COVID-19 residents, including segregation
  • improve care and quality of life for both the care receiver and the care giver
  • limit the need for staff interaction
  • reduce the spread of infection
  • save time
  • enable reduced shifts
  • use clinical grade hand-held devices for carers and nurses to evidence care
  • attract new residents into a 'safe' environment
  • remove all paper and plastic folders which significantly increase the spread of infection

Over 2,000 care homes use our comprehensive, market-leading, digital care planning system to improve safety, reduce risk and improve overall care.

Watch how our digital care system can help to control and manage infections in your care home

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How we've supported our customers during the COVID-19 crisis

Mobile Care Monitoring is the first fully mobile and easiest to use evidence of care system. The digital system is used by large care providers to single homes and thousands of happy care home managers, nurses, carers and owners use the system to evidence care on a daily basis. 

David Crabtree, Owner of Crabtree Care Homes says that the changes that we made to our digital care system helped to stop the spread of the infection further in his homes:

"Many of our residents who contracted Coronavirus said that they had pain in their legs. We discovered that this first sign was due to restricted breathing and residents had tissue viability issues. Without accurate recording using Mobile Care Monitoring, we would have missed three days of symptoms in our residents."

Read more about how we have supported Crabtree Care Homes though the coronavirus

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June 22, 2020

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