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Nov 20, 2023

Person Centred Software's Connected Care Platform

Discover how the Connected Care Platform offers a complete solution to the most challenging areas of care provision and improves quality of life for both residents and staff in a care setting


In this video, Yaz Hassoun, Head of International Marketing for Person Centred Software, explains how the full suite of products for the ecosystem of care, known as the Connected Care Platform, can transform your provision of care by offering solutions to any and all challenges facing care homes.
Along with it's integrated partners, the Connected Care platform is built for carers and loved by carers, and has been designed to tackle real-world issues that care staff and managers face every day in all areas of care provision, from operations to care planning, medication management and wellness & activities.

The Connected Care Platform is an all-in-one solution that empowers care homes to achieve a level of quality of life for residents never before thought possible. To find out how, just watch the video!

Click here to discover more about our Connected Care Platform.


November 20, 2023

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