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Feb 07, 2023

Record keeping in health and social care and it’s importance

Improve standards and continuity of care

What is record-keeping?

Record keeping in health and social care plays a significant role, and to provide residents with the best possible care, keeping up-to-date and accurate records is essential. 

Maintaining digital social care records allows care providers to keep all resident information in one place, helping to ensure they remember all the important details during the resident's treatment and care. 

Good record keeping helps care providers to: 

  • Provide safe, effective, compassionate, and high-quality care
  • Comply with CQC regulations 
  • Meet the needs of every individual 
  • Exchange information seamlessly

Providing carers with an easy-to-access medical record of each resident, along with a list of what's important to them, a summary of their care plan and wishes for their future care, should be available to care teams involved in the resident's treatment or care. 

Improving standards with Person Centred Software’s digital social care record system

With well-kept records stored on a digital social care record system, care providers can identify potential improvement areas and make the necessary changes.

With Person Centred Software's digital social care record system, care providers can:

  • Record real-time information about the care being provided
  • Use and compare data to improve people's care
  • Share information quickly accurately and safely 
  • Helps everyone to be aware of when people’s needs change
  • Get instant access to a person’s information and preferences, enabling them to provide responsive and person-centred care
  • Keep resident’s relatives informed, engaged, connected, and involved in the care and support of their loved ones
  • Instantly share information with hospitals and external professionals via the eRedBag (electronic hospital pack) to give people the best quality of care at every stage of their health and social care journey

To read a full list of the benefits, download our guide to going digital with your social care records by 2024 here

Find out more about the Digital Social Care Record here

February 7, 2023

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