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Jun 18, 2024

Reducing the administrative burden for care staff through mCare

Supporting those who care


Over 200 NHS and social care managers participated in a recent survey conducted by Florence, a health and social care staffing app, to determine how much time their staff spent on administrative tasks.

The survey revealed that managers across various care settings, including nursing homes, domiciliary care services, NHS hospitals, and GPs, are struggling with excessive administrative burdens, leaving them with little time to care. 

Some of the findings include: 

  • 45% say their time spent on admin impacts peoples' care 
  • 20% say they spend 7-8 hours a day on admin tasks alone 
  • 46% say there's a need to ‘create less paperwork, form-filling and box-ticking’ 
  • 35% feel outdated technology causes time-wasting 

Simplifying admin for social care  

The 2021 government white paper, People at the Heart of Care, outlines a 10-year vision to reform adult social care, acknowledging the power and potential of technology and data to enhance the quality and safety of care.

The Digitising Social Care programme, part of the data proposals in the white paper, is assisting care providers in adopting digital social care records (DSCRs), allowing for the automated collection of necessary data in a secure and transparent way, reducing the administrative burden on providing information and freeing up more time to care. 

Adopting DSCRs provides a simple solution for addressing and streamlining the current administrative challenges in the industry. 

Although many care providers still rely on paper records, the government is encouraging a shift to DSCRs, and its funding has been extended until March 2026. 

Connected Care

Our Connected Care Platform, a one-stop shop for care providers, offers a variety of integrated solutions for: 

  • Care management
  • Medication management
  • Resident experience 
  • Learning and development 
  • Care operations

One of our innovative and user-friendly solutions, mCare, the UK's most widely used digital social care record system, is significantly reducing the administrative burden for care staff:  

''At Madison Court, the transition to mCare was seamless. 

As a home that provides care for individuals with dementia, keeping up with care records was quite overwhelming; however, since implementing mCare, our staff quickly became proficient at using the software and integrated it into their daily work routine, making the process much more manageable.  


With mCare, residents receive a higher quality of care. Instead of rushing through the daily routine of getting residents ready and changed, we now have more time to provide extra attention to residents, such as doing their nails, having conversations, engaging with them more, and giving them more TLC''.   

Valerie Ann Carter, Staff Nurse/Trainer at Madison Court Care Home, recently acquired by Harbour Healthcare 


Approved by the NHS and supporting over 6,000 care providers and more than 160,000 people in care, mCare has helped simplify daily tasks, streamline care services, and revolutionise how care providers evidence care. This enables care teams to deliver better person-centred care and allows more time spent with residents, engaging them in activities they enjoy.  

Our Care Delivery App, an element of mCare, allows care staff to record care notes on the go rather than being tied to a PC, laptop, or tablet. The app automatically updates charts, reports, care plans, and many other features throughout the system's central portal in real-time, which can be viewed anytime by anyone with access.  

The app is easy to use, lightweight, fast, icon-driven, and requires minimal typing. Care workers can efficiently record care notes at the point of care using icons central to the app's design and record care notes quickly and accurately. This leads to more care notes being recorded and more time with residents.

Carers do their job because they love caring for people, so why burden them with administrative tasks? We aim to make the admin fit in with the care routine, not the other way round. 

Johan Jardevall, CEO of Person Centred Software 

Reduce your administrative tasks with mCare

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June 18, 2024

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