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Oct 26, 2023

Happy Sustainability Day!

Our digital solutions are helping to reduce your carbon footprint and save the trees


Today is Sustainability Day, and we'd like to share some interesting facts about how our digital solutions are helping to reduce your care organisations' carbon footprint and save trees!

Did you know?


A standard pine tree produces around 10,000 sheets of paper. 


Reducing the use of paper or going paperless saves trees and conserves the energy used in paper production and transportation. 


We recently polled our customers and the wider community on how many sheets of paper they used when using paper care records.

We took the poll results and applied them to the total number of active care homes using our digital social care record system, mCare, and these were the results: 

PCS - Home many trees saved V3

So not only does mCare save up to 1 hour per day on administrative tasks, gives time back to staff to spend with residents doing the things they enjoy, improves the quality and safety of care, enhances efficiency and productivity, improves regulatory compliance along with a whole heap of other benefits, but it also helps save over 75,000 trees per year! 

This figure will increase as more care homes switch from paper to digital care records!


Learn more about the pros and cons of digital social care records versus paper records.



October 26, 2023

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