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May 24, 2024

Why care providers are making the switch to mCare, a key component of Person Centred Software's Connected Care Platform

The UK's leading care management software


When managing a care organisation, the last thing you want is to be uncertain about the care management software in place. You need a reliable, user-friendly system that's dependable, straightforward, and seamlessly supports day-to-day operations and care-related tasks without any unexpected disruptions. This is where mCare comes into play - a key component of our Connected Care Platform that delivers a streamlined experience for care providers seeking positive change.

System failures are inconvenient and can significantly impact your entire organisation. mCare is designed to proactively prevent such disruptions, offering consistent service that care organisations can rely on.

Our primary commitment is to ensure that your home operates smoothly, with a responsive system, to swiftly and effectively address any issues that may arise.

Chris Egan, Chief Technology Officer at Person Centred Software


"We use Microsoft Azure to store our data, where everything is geo-replicated and backed up instantly to multiple servers; this means mCare's data storage is fully resilient with no single point of failure.

Furthermore, we are compliant with the 14 NHS Digital Social Care Record (DSCR) standards, ensuring that our system's standards are fit for purpose and can be implemented without becoming a burden to users".


Why else are care providers switching to mCare?

mCare helps care providers to:  

  • Stay on top of care and support plans with innovative care planning features
  • Improve the quality of care and support regulatory compliance (Over 6,000 care homes use mCare, and 94% of homes using the system are rated as 'good' or 'outstanding'
  • Gather all the necessary information for inspections
  • Spend less time on administration and more time with residents
  • Save time writing care notes at the point of care  with icon-driven care notes
  • Connect and share information with other health and care services



Eliminating the need for multiple systems

Another reason care providers are switching to mCare is interoperability with our Connected Care Platform, a one-stop solution that provides integrated solutions covering the full ecosystem of care management within social care. 

PCS Cpnnected Care Wheel - New Solutions 24_1

With the UK's deadline to digitise the social care sector getting closer, we've seen many providers increasingly adopt multiple software solutions, from digital social care record systems to help with the delivery of care and comply with regulations, medication management systems to improve safety, compliance, and efficiency around medication management processes, dependency tools to help maximise staffing in care homes; the list of software solutions available for helping to manage various aspects of care are endless. 

Care providers don't need all this; switching to a provider who offers multiple solutions, such as Person Centred Software combines all the necessary software solutions we've just mentioned, plus more, and eliminates the need for multiple systems. 

We also help to make the delivery ofperson-centred caresimple for care providerswith our Connected Care Platform! 

Click here to see the full list of solutions the Connected Care Platform offers. 

Click here to learn why eliminating the need for multiple systems makes life easier. 

What are care providers saying about mCare?

"When searching for the best system to meet our needs, we found that regardless of how many systems we looked at, none ticked every box matching our requirements.

We looked at about 15 different possible providers, and what we found was some of them were either too clinical and weighed down by unnecessary administrative work, or other systems were far too much of a box-ticking exercise without a real sense of engagement in the process of recording a detailed care note that provides useful information. In other words, some did certain things, some did others, usually meeting about 50% of our criteria, but none met every part of our criteria.  This changed, however, when we came across mCare".  

Jonathon Leet, Director of Operations at LifeCare

Read the full case study here.

''Over the past eight years, mCare has played a crucial role in streamlining our care services and helping our care team deliver better care, including dementia care.

Furthermore, the system has been instrumental in relieving our care teams of their administrative duties, giving them more time to deliver hands-on care''. 


Caroline Inch, the director of care and operations and a specialist in dementia care at B&M Care

Read the full case study here.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) rated Ashfields as 'outstanding'. Receiving an 'outstanding' CQC rating is a remarkable achievement, and the entire team at Ashfields is incredibly proud of the CQC inspection report. mCare was instrumental in helping the home achieve this rating''.

Josie Greveson, registered care home manager at Ashfields Care Home

Read the full case study here.


Data Migration

If you're worried about switching systems, don't be; whether you're a paper-based care provider needing to migrate from paper to a digital process or switching systems, we've got you covered every step of the way to ensure a smooth transition! 

Experience a smooth and hassle-free migration of your data and information to a better system! 


May 24, 2024

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