Person-centred care made simple

Focusing care on the needs of the individual

Recognising that everyone has different needs, preferences, and abilities is essential in a care setting. In order to provide person-centred care, it's crucial to understand and cater to the specific needs of each individual.

That's why, at Person Centred Software, we help to make the delivery of person-centred care simple for care providers with our Connected Care Platform, a suite of integrated solutions that cover the entire spectrum of care management, helping to drive outstanding person-centred care and improve the lives of those receiving care. 

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Providing person centred care with our integrated solutions

Providing person-centred care is a recognised requirement by all the UK’s national regulators. 

At Person Centred Software, we make sure our solutions not only help your organisation comply with regulators but also help you deliver person-centred care. 

For example, our Digital Care Planning System, a digital social care record system, has a number of features which help care providers deliver a more person-centred approach.   

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  • The Digital Care Planning System’s Person-centred Care Plans feature helps care teams to make person centred care planning easier to implement and maintain, helping care staff to be fully aware of each resident's care needs.  
  • When using the Digital Care Planning System, care staff can truly personalise care with 'Person-centred Interactions'- all interactions revolve around the person being cared for. The system includes features such as 'Who I Am' and 'Plan Care Day', which allow care workers to tailor their approach and provide personalised care based on the individual's preferences and needs.  
  • With the 'Goal Tracking and Outcomes' feature, care providers can support residents with their goals and keep track of the progress towards meeting them. Having this capability allows a person-centred approach to caring and fulfilling goals. For example, when an older adult is discharged from the hospital and enters a care home for the first time, the goal might be to ensure their initial day in the care home is peaceful and comfortable.  

What does person-centred care mean for your organisation? 

Care providers can achieve better outcomes for the individuals they care for by adopting a person-centred approach to care - this not only promotes residents' dignity and independence, keeping them happy but also improves the organisation's reputation and ensures compliance with CQC standards. 

Person centred care

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