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Relatives Gateway  

Engage with relatives and share important moments 

As of August 2024, we will be replacing Relatives Gateway with the Family Engagement Module, which offers enhanced features, a better user experience, and much more! 

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What does the Relatives Gateway feature do?    

The Relatives Gateway feature enables relatives to communicate more easily with their loved ones through direct messaging and the ability to share photos in a personal gallery.     

With Relatives Gateway, care workers can keep relatives informed of how their relative is doing by sharing a summary of the care provided and their general mood.  

See how Belong Warrington Care Village and West Gate Nursing Home have used Relatives Gateway in their care homes. 

What are the benefits of using Relatives Gateway? 

  • Engage with residents’ relatives without having to schedule calls    
  • Share meaningful moments through the picture gallery   
  • Spend more time caring for residents, knowing that families are being automatically updated on their loved one’s care and happiness that day   

How it has helped

Helena highly recommends the Relatives Gateway as it offers her reassurance to be able to see a daily snapshot of how her mum is doing

Relative, Coxbench Hall

Alison is proud that care staff are able to show their commitment and care for residents to relatives who live around the world

Alison Redhead 
Registered Manager, Minster Grange Care Home

Vic Rayner on Channel 4 talking about our Relatives Gateway that has been keeping families and loved ones connected

Vic Rayner 
Executive Director, National Care Forum