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May 16, 2022

ATLAS eMAR joins Person Centred Software’s family of products



ATLAS eMAR joins Person Centred Software's family of products

ATLAS eMAR, a market-leading electronic medicines management system, joins Person Centred Software’s family of products, a software company renowned for its Digital Care System, that allows care providers to digitally plan, record and monitor the care of residents in real-time.

Bristol-based ATLAS eMAR, a technology company that provides innovative solutions for pharmacy and care homes and Person Centred Software, have been integrated partners since 2016, supplying Person Centred Software’s customers with easier access to their eMAR data – the integration offers care providers greater flexibility and the freedom to work with their preferred pharmacies. ATLAS, proven to improve resident safety, care home efficiency, and accountability, is currently in 165 pharmacies and over 700 care providers across Scotland, England & Wales.

The shared platform strengthens the partnerships between care providers, GPs and pharmacies, allowing for better integration and collaboration.

Person Centred Software is pleased to announce the acquisition of ATLAS eMAR – which brings the UK’s leading eMAR system into the Person Centred Software’s family of products. The acquisition of ATLAS eMAR will deliver better outcomes to people in residential care and enhance the delivery of care.


“Our system is a central repository for data, and by working with best of breed solutions, we enable care homes to use an ecosystem of technology to improve outcomes and demonstrate the quality of care efficiently to regulatory inspectors.”

Andrew Coles, Global Head of Product at Person Centred Software

Jonathan Papwort


"I have been impressed with the proven capabilities that Tariq (ATLAS eMAR CEO) has built into ATLAS, alongside the unique level of integration across GPs and Pharmacies. As a result, Atlas is joining our family of social care products to provide clinical software for our global customers - from Digital Care Records to Medication Management and beyond. This will allow our joint customers to have full interoperability across our products and the most comprehensive and capable integration with healthcare systems.’’

Jonathan Papworth, Founder of Person Centred Software

Tariq Muhammad


“Many years ago, my team and I set out to solve the challenges care homes faced with managing medicines. This journey saw us create the UK’s first eMAR system, which gave rise to ATLAS, contributing to outstanding efficiencies and medicine safety in care homes. I have long admired the ethos of Jonathan and the team at Person Centred Software, who share the same conviction, to improve care and quality in social care. So, I am very proud to see ATLAS continue its journey from this point onwards as part of the PCS family, where I know the combination of two great products will deliver game-changing services to the care sector.”

Tariq Muhammad, ATLAS eMAR CEO


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May 16, 2022

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