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Feb 26, 2019

Attend our User Groups to Share Best Practice

One of our aims at Person Centred Software is to promote best practice in the industry. Whilst providing the leading social care software is part of the solution, without people, technology cannot succeed. We are fortunate that our industry and customer base is full of evangelists for providing great care and are using our mobile electronic care system, Mobile Care Monitoring, as an effective tool for driving quality of care.

Our first Scottish user group 

We are pleased to announce that our first Scottish User Group will take place:

Date: 10th April 2019 Location: Westerfield Care Home, Paisley

If you are a provider that would like to join the user group, please contact Rishi Sodha from Handsale Care Homes who will be hosting it: rishi[at] or 0208 866 653

What are user groups?

User groups are a way for users of MCM to come together to form regional groups to share successes and work together in partnership to enable:

  • Users to share best practice and ways of using MCM more effectively
  • Formulate new ideas and validate existing ideas and roadmap for the product
  • Keep providers up-to-date on the system
  • Discuss local and industry issues and how MCM plays its part in solving these, and identifying where it could do more
  • Maximise value received from MCM and Feedback a collective voice to Person Centred Software
  • Canvas local CQC, CCG’s, LA’s etc
Join a user group
Our customers have already hosted successful user groups in Kent (Luke Rothwell at Grenham Bay), and Sussex (Dirk van Dijl at Bernhard Baron Cottages) in the last few months. If you would like to host a regional user group, or want to find out more about creating your own, please contact Dave Collins or Andrew Coles
February 26, 2019

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