A guide to enhancing resident experience in care homes

In this guide, we’ll show the Connected Care Platform can enhance resident experience in care homes 
Tools and Guides

How safe staffing levels positively impact resident experience

Safe staffing is a fundamental part of providing quality of life and improving resident experience, here is why

A guide on how DepenSys ensures compliance with safe staffing legislation in Scotland

Learn about how our care home staffing tool DepenSys can help you to stay compliant with the most recent safe staffing legislation introduced in Scotland – the Health and Care (Staffing) (Scotland) Act 2019.
Tools and Guides

Everything you need to know about #GladtoCare Week

Celebrating the hard and dedication of care workers this Glad to Care Week
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Person Centred Software attends Care Show London 2024

Showcasing the transformative benefits of the Connected Care Platform at Care Show London 2024

Partner Webinar - Delphi

Join our partner Delphi on the webinar  “Evidencing CQC Quality Statements, Increasing Profitability, and Where to Find Help When Something Hits the Fan” 

Using technology to reduce stress in social care settings

April is Stress Awareness Month, so we're looking at how digital solutions, like Person Centred Software's digital care planning system (mCare), can help reduce workforce stress in care settings

The Second Annual National Dementia Care Conference 2024

Join Person Centred Software at the National Dementia Conference in Manchester on the 23rd April 2024

Fulcrum Mini Mock Inspection Webinar

Watch the webinar. Learn about Mini Mock Inspections to enhance compliance and care quality preparing for CQC visits