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Dec 12, 2023

Person Centred Software partners with nooa to improve care home communication

Transform your care home communication with the help of our new partner nooa


nooa comms

Seamless communication like that shown above is now all available through the PCS platform

Person Centred Software have partnered with nooa to provide an all-in-one solution for messaging and care home communications.

With the partnership, care homes can now take advantage of a single care home communication solution that provides an integrated system which streamlines and greatly improves communications, documentation and evidencing of care delivery.

Whereas in the past, and even now without the right integrated digital technology in place, care homes have had to conduct their communications via systems like WhatsApp, by using phones, emails and paper records, now with the partnership of Person Centred Software and nooa, care homes have an all-in-one solution to handle every element of their communications.

This all-in-one care home communication solution enables greater structure of record-keeping and documentation, it allows care homes to manage all information using the Connected Care Platform, and it eliminates all unnecessary administration and changes to documentation that takes valuable time away that care staff could otherwise spend with residents doing the things that they enjoy.  


How the PCS and nooa integration works  

  • With Person Centred Software and nooa, care homes have a single solution that provides efficiency, user friendliness, and measurably improves quality of care.
  • The integration ensures the automatic exchange of information between nooa and PCS from anywhere and on any device.
  • Now, rather than relying on different tools, care homes can manage everything in one place using their familiar PCS platform, eliminating the need to use any other tools such as WhatsApp, email or paper, saving time that can be spent with care and money that can be reinvested in staff, buildings and equipment.
  • Any communications that go through nooa can also be uploaded automatically as care notes in mCare, making for completely seamless documentation.

The integration between PCS and nooa means care homes now have a truly integrated solution that directly increases efficiency, improves patient outcomes, and boosts the quality of care as measured by the CQC.

Let’s go into some detail about how the integration works and the benefits it includes:


By partnering with nooa, Person Centred Software can further consolidate its position as a true all-in-one solution for any conceivable issue that might arise in the provision, management and evidencing of care. Read here to find out more about nooa.

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December 12, 2023

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