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Sep 27, 2019

Farnham Herald mentions Relatives Gateway

Look Forward to Living Later Life to the Full

Published in Farnham Herald, an article with Debbie Harris from Autumna mentions Person Centred Software's Relatives Gateway solution for care homes

Planning Ahead with Debbie Harris from Autumna

[...] "There is an increasing amount of technology being used in care and we believe it provides enormous benefits to the resident as it frees up the carers' time and provides highly accurate care records" continued Debbie.

"We particularly like the ability for family members to access some of the information recorded, this is a common feature in nursery schools, and we welcome its increased use in care homes as a way of keeping in touch with a resident's everyday wellbeing."

As an example, Person Centred Software is the UK’s largest provider of evidencing care interactions and monitoring software.  An important element of this technology is the ability for relatives to view full details of the care provided to their loved ones.

John Stimpson, whose brother is a resident at Hale Place Care Home, a CQC Outstanding rated residential care home based in Tonbridge, Kent is an avid user of Person Centred Software’s Relatives Gateway.

“My brother became a resident at Hale Place around two years ago and I’ve had access to Relatives Gateway virtually all that time,” confirms John. “Because of the distance from where I live, I visit my brother regularly once a month. Communication is difficult as he had a stroke and now cannot talk. It is really nice to check in to the Relatives Gateway and find out his general state of mind and happiness as I can’t visit every day.”

John adds, "Communication with staff is very good at Hale Place, but there are periods of the day when they are busy and it is difficult to get through on the phone. The Relatives Gateway is a reliable way of finding out how my brother is, and it is also progressive. I can see a summary of daily care and certain observations, such as his weight, to see how he’s doing month on month. The Relatives Gateway is a very, very important tool for me. I use it daily.”

September 27, 2019

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