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May 23, 2019

First Anniversary of Launching Person Centred Software in Australia

Published in Care Home Professional

In May, Person Centred Software celebrated its first anniversary of launching its Mobile Care Monitoring (MCM) system in Australia and New Zealand. Currently fourteen care homes across Australia and New Zealand are already using MCM with another 18 homes due to implement in the next ten weeks.

Of the twenty organisations that have chosen the company’s electronic care planning and reporting system, eight moved from documenting care on paper and twelve moved from using another electronic care system. Almost all providers in the UK move to using MCM from recording care on paper, whereas more than half of care homes using MCM in Australia and New Zealand had previously been using another electronic care planning system.

Providers in Australia and New Zealand chose to move to MCM due to the speed of data entry, time savings that give staff more time to spend with residents, improvements in quality of care which is reflected in inspection reports, and improved financial outcomes for care providers’ businesses.

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May 23, 2019

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