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Mar 26, 2018

Great British Care Awards 2018

At Great British Care Awards, Person Centred Software and the judges were pleased to award The Care Innovator Award for 2018 to Ami Penfold from Acorn Court Care Home. We proud to be associated with the prestigious Great British Care Awards, which recognise the phenomenal work that is done by many in the care sector.

Care Innovator Award 2018 Winner:

Ami Penfold, Acorn Court Care Home

Runner up:

Lesley Malone, Athena Health Care Group

Third place:

Sheela Antony Samy, Chosen Care Group

Ami demonstrated a passion and experience for care far greater than her years. As a Lifestyle Coordinator at Acorn Court Care Home she started taking her 4 week old daughter Elsie into the care home and from this developed 'Little Acorns; weekly classes for pre-reception age children, in which residents could take part. The effect was palpable, with one resident, who had not uttered more than 3 words at a time after 7 years in care, saying, 'what a beautiful little baby,' whilst those with dementia showed improvement and others started to eat better.

There is now a passion and drive to replicate this success across many homes and hopefully this award will help in some small way to publicise this success in delivering innovative person-centred care to young and old alike.

March 26, 2018

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