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Jan 08, 2024

How Person Centred Software empowers the care sector's digital journey

A provider for the long-term


When choosing a long-term care software provider, it's important to take your time and choose wisely. The provider you choose can significantly impact the quality of care your organisation delivers. 

Why is Person Centred Software a provider for the long-term?  

Person Centred Software is a provider for the long-term because we genuinely care. From the very beginning, our goal has always been, and always will be, to improve the quality of life of those receiving care and those providing it. 

Always evolving to meet a rapidly changing world 

Our software solutions are continuously adapted to meet the needs of adult social care providers throughout the UK. We excel in product innovation and development and consistently stay ahead of the competition by providing state-of-the-art technology that aligns with the modern world and meets the demands of the social care sector.  


Helping to deliver a higher standard of person-centred care 


We understand the importance of helping care organisations provide a holistic approach to care, offering solutions that care workers can tailor to each resident's individual needs, and we are committed to ensuring that care teams have the right tools and resources they need to achieve this goal.

By providing cutting-edge care software and excellent support, we make it easier for care teams to do their job more efficiently and provide a higher standard of person-centred care that truly makes a difference in the lives of those receiving care. 

Extensive experience with every service type

We have extensive experience in the social care sector, having provided integrated solutions for all service types over the last decade, and we understand that each care organisation requires different needs.

We always aim to establish a long-term relationship with our customers to not only build trust and allow for better communication but also to enable us to understand your care organisation inside out.

We offer long-term support and partnership that allows for the exchange of feedback and ideas over time, helping us tailor the software to meet your needs.  

Establishing a strong relationship with your software provider is crucial for any organisation aiming to achieve long-term success. Having a single provider to guide you through every step of your digital journey can make the process much smoother and stress-free. 


Helping to connect health and care services across the UK



We're leading the way in connecting health and social care services with our joined-up care services whilst working in partnership with Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) to host several virtual and in-person events across England. Along with working on several projects with the NHS to enable joined up care for people, places and populations, supporting the joined-up care initiative, we also partner with industry experts and organisations that integrate and work alongside our solutions, creating anecosystem of care to equip care providers with the best-in-breed solutions for every part of their business. 

Offering an all-in-one care management platform

With the UK's deadline for digitising the sector getting closer, we have seen many care providers increasingly adopting multiple software solutions to streamline operations, enhance care delivery, and comply with regulations. These software solutions range from digital social care record and medication management systems to front-of-house digital receptions, care home maintenance tools, and dependency tools to assess staff requirements; the range of software solutions out there for helping to manage various aspects of care is endless. 

Here at Person Centred Software, we offer an all-in-one care management platform that combines all the necessary software solutions we've just mentioned, plus more, providing many benefits and eliminating the need for multiple systems.  

PCS Products 2

For example, our Connected Care Platform covers the full spectrum of care management through integrated solutions that help drive outstanding care and improve the lives of those receiving care and those working in the sector. It allows care providers to use single or multiple solutions that connect using one device.

Each solution is designed to address a particular part of care and, when used together, provides a complete solution to help drive outstanding care, enhance resident outcomes, the lives of care workers, the delivery of person-centred care and the overall efficiency, effectiveness, and compliance of care settings.  

Having one system that does everything reduces cost and speeds up working processes. 


Helping to connect health and care services across the UK 

We're listed on the Assured Supplier list, so you can be confident that we've been assured to the highest level!  

The Assured Supplier List is a list of software suppliers who have passed rigorous selection criteria to ensure they can deliver against national specifications, that their solution meets core capabilities and that their financial position is stable.   

You can rely on us to provide the best possible service and products. 

Have a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 54 (which means our customers have rated us as EXCELLENT) 

shutterstock_2247842551 (1)

Our exceptional Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 54 indicates high customer satisfaction with our services and products. This score reflects our commitment to delivering outstanding customer experiences and ensuring our customers' needs are always met. We take great pride in our ability to exceed our customers' expectations consistently, and we are dedicated to always maintaining this high level of satisfaction. 

Start your digital journey with Person Centred Software today.

Our Connected Care Platform is an all-in-one cloud-based care management platform that covers the full spectrum of care management through integrated solutions that help drive outstanding care and improve the lives of those receiving care and those working in the sector.  


January 8, 2024

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