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May 17, 2024

Introducing the Family Engagement Module, the new and enhanced Relatives Gateway platform

A tool that connects residents, families, and care staff, elevating the daily resident experience


The world of health and social care is constantly changing, and we are always one step ahead, working hard to enhance our digital solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of care providers. One of these solutions is Relatives Gateway, which care providers use to keep relatives informed about the health and wellbeing of their loved ones, providing a summary of the care they received, including their general mood and overall progress. 

Family Engagement Module replaces Relatives Gateway  

We are thrilled to announce that we are replacing Relatives Gateway with a new tool called the ‘Family Engagement Module.’   

The Family Engagement Module, part of Reshub (our new research-driven resident engagement platform), offers much more than before and is designed to enhance residents' experiences of social care.  

Aligning with the Care Quality Commission's evidence category, 'People's experience of health and care services,' the Family Engagement Module helps ensure that care providers collect evidence that matters. Helping to connect residents, families, and care staff, elevating the daily resident experience, this innovative, easy-to-use, fully integrated 'hub' offers a whole host of benefits for everyone.  

What are the benefits of the Family Engagement Module?

  • Receive care updates: Real-time access to care information for families, giving care services an easy-to-use portal for managing family members. 
  • Schedule video calls: Residents can easily keep in touch with loved ones wherever they are! Both family members and staff can schedule video calls, which are fully integrated into the platform and require no other logins or apps to use, along with 'push notifications' to notify staff and family of any call requests!   
  • Surveys for residents and family: This simple-to-use survey creator with custom options allows you to tailor the surveys however you wish! You can publish your surveys to residents and families with the opportunity to download and analyse your results! Our surveys align with the CQC's evidence category, 'People's experience of health and care services', ensuring that you are collecting evidence that matters.   

  • Share updates, images, and videos: Staff can easily share moments, photos, videos, and messages with the family, truly connecting people to the daily journey that their loved ones experience within the care service!  


When will the Family Engagement Module replace Relatives Gateway, and what's Reshub? 

We are thrilled to announce that as of August 2024, we will be replacing Relatives Gateway with the Family Engagement Module, which offers enhanced features, a better user experience, and much more! 

Did you know that ResHub can grow with your organisation?  

ResHub allows you to pick and choose modules best suited for your organisation. These modules have a host of benefits across ResHub's three main areas focusing on the resident, staff and the family (FamilyHub, StaffHub, MyHub) and provide you with a flexible, customised resident experience tool.    

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May 17, 2024

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