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May 01, 2018

Oakdale Care interview in Care Home Professional April 2018

Oakdale Care co-founders Chris Babington and Andrew Long were interviewed in the latest issue of Care Home Professional in April 2018. We have implemented Mobile Care Monitoring at all 4 care homes: Kingfisher Court, Timken Grange, Layston Grove and Westhill Park.

We were delighted to see that Andrew and Chris mention our system as part of the technology they use at Oakdale Care. Andrew highlights the benefits of the system for staff, 'They won't be having to sit back and write out reports or be stuck in the corner of a lounge with lever arch files trying to remember what they did three hours ago. They are able to do their interactions spontaneously and hopefully that frees up more time to actually provide care.'

He continues, 'The system drives out reports that enable us to look at trends and assess simple things like weight loss, weight gain, hydration, food intake and satisfaction of clients, as well as the day to day care interactions our staff are performing. It also allows us to see what's going on in the care home even if we're not there'.

Mobile Care Monitoring gives care homes with the very best tools to provide the best quality of care - through visibility of information, comprehensive reporting on residents' well-being and health. Chris mentions how the system can also help care homes with risks for residents. He says, 'I think the staff should see it as a bit of a safety mechanism as well, So if 'Dorothy' hasn't had her required fluid it will flash up red on her photo on the front screen of the iPad so we should be able to minimise the risk of inadvertent risks happening.'

May 1, 2018

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