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Mar 25, 2024

Person Centred Software attends UK Care Week in Birmingham 2024

Showcasing the Connected Care Platform at UK Care Week

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We had a great time at UK Care Week in Birmingham on Wednesday 20th March and Thursday 21st March and loved having the opportunity to speak with our customers, meet new people, catch up with our partners and showcase how our Connected Care Platform can be a huge benefit to those living and working in care, improving and streamlining care home management whilst also improving resident quality of life.  

It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to demonstrate how our Connected Care Solutions, such as mCare, ATLAS eMAR, our Wellbeing & Activities platform and so much more, can transform the quality of care that homes can provide.  

We were also excited to bring our new staffing solution DepenSys to the stand to showcase the real difference that the platform can make to not only ensure greater care outcomes by maximising staffing resources, but also helping to ensure the correct skill mix of staff, providing better quality of life for residents and greater compliance with regulators. Click here for a complete guide to DepenSys.

In case you missed us, we were also joined by Sean McLoughlin, founder of ResHub, following our recent announcement that ResHub has been acquired by Person Centred Software and is the latest addition to the Connected Care Platform. 

As always, it was great to see such a wide array of cutting-edge businesses and products on display at UK Care Week, showcasing how the latest technology is crucial for future improvement of care outcomes in so many aspects of person-centred care. It was also interesting to listen as the industry leaders discussed the bright future of technology in the care industry. 

Another topic of discussion was the role vital role that wellbeing plays in ensuring better quality of life for those living and working in care. This was the subject of a seminar given by our very own Emma Farino and Jade Ellis (pictured below), who talked about the vital role of wellbeing in care homes, the barriers to achieving higher standards of wellbeing care and the strategies to overcome these barriers.  

jade and emma
wellbeing seminar


Whether it’s digital care planning, finance, AI, smart beds or many more, technological advancement was on display in so many ways at the UK Care Week, as was the vital discussions being had around strategies to improve staff wellbeing, regulatory challenges or changes and the setting out of recruitment strategies to attract the workforce of the next generation.  

We at Person Centred Software absolutely loved having the opportunity to meet new people and to connect with our customers to understand how our connected care solutions are improving outcomes 

And of course, we were glad to see that the donuts were such a big hit! 


It was also amazing to get the chance to attend a talk with Care Workers’ Charity – a charity we sponsor that provides an essential service supporting those that work in care with wellbeing support. Care Workers’ Charity provides a powerful voice for advocacy for those working in care and have done so much work to improve the lives of the people caring for the most vulnerable members of society – ensuring they get the support and the recognition they deserve. 



And of course, catching up with our partners such as Painchek, Comentis, Ally Cares and Blaucomm means we have a great opportunity to discuss how we can work closer together in the future to provide an even better offering for our users, to further improve and simplify person centred care, to make it safer, more accessible and to improve the quality of life for everyone involved in the care industry. 


Catching up with our partners from Blaucomm


Catching up with our partners from Comentis


It was great to see Thomas Tredinnick, Raj Kumar and Marie Hawkes-Smith from our partner Ally Cares


Catching up with Tendeep Gill from our partners PainChek

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We had an amazing time at the UK Care Show in Birmingham this year, and we hope to see you at the Care Show London next month at stand G40! 

And don’t forget, if we didn’t get a chance to speak with you at UK Care Week but you’re interested to find out more about our products that make up the Connected Care Platform, you can click here to book a consultation. 

Check out what other events we are exhibiting at here


March 25, 2024

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