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Sep 13, 2018

Person Centred Software launches Mobile Care Monitoring in Australia

Person Centred Software is delighted to announce its launch in Australia. Southport Lodge in Queensland, Australia, is the first care provider outside of the UK to use Mobile Care Monitoring (MCM), and in August 2018 they successfully passed accreditation. Residential aged care services in Australia must be accredited by the independent Australian Aged Care Quality Agency to receive government funding.

Person Centred Software is working with Belgravia Health & Care, a leading software solutions provider for 'out of hospital' customers across the Australasian market. Jonathan Papworth, co-founder and director of Person Centred Software, says, “The world is looking to the UK as an example of how to measure quality of care, whereas Australia and New Zealand have for many years had the funding mechanism for the standardised measurement of care.”

Jonathan continues, “Australian aged care homes are a very good fit for Mobile Care Monitoring, with more similarities than differences with the UK care sector. By working globally, we create the best of both worlds to the benefit of all our customers. Our aim is to make social care transparent and measurable, and in so doing, provide care homes, whether in the UK or Australia, with the tools to help them achieve outstanding care.”

Tammy Sherwood, CEO of Person Centred Software in Australia, says, “I’m excited to introduce Mobile Care Monitoring to Australia and New Zealand. Mobile Care Monitoring is designed to be used in the hands of the carer, it’s easy to use and icon-driven which limits the need for typing. All this provides care homes with a solution to give carers more time to care for residents.”

Southport Lodge is a privately-owned care home in Southport, Queensland. With 36 rooms, residents enjoy ‘individualised care’ and the benefit of being part of a ‘close-knit’ community, while still having the flexibility to maintain their independence. The home has been using Mobile Care Monitoring for more than nine months for all its residents and plans to extend its use to its new second facility, currently in development.

Lorraine Garland, Southport Lodge General Manager says, “We don’t have a single staff member who doesn’t like it.” The 20-strong caregiving team comes from a range of different cultural backgrounds and education levels, but Person Centred Software’s Mobile Care Monitoring system has proven to be easy for every staff member to use.

Carers capture evidence of care on the icon-based Care App delivered via a handheld device. “The interface is friendly and being picture based, staff can just tap the icon and it’s done,” Lorraine said. “With care-giving there’s often an overwhelming amount of documentation. Our staff don’t want to spend their time doing that. MCM makes it more accurate, because it can be done in real time, rather than when the carer gets back to the office.” Most importantly, MCM frees up Southport Lodge’s caregivers to focus on the people who need it most. “Report writing is so quick and easy, we’re spending 25% more time with our residents,” says Lorraine.

This story was published in Care Home Professional, National Care Forum and Care and Nursing Essentials

September 13, 2018

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