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Oct 04, 2022

Person Centred Software sponsors The Care Workers Charity

Care workers across the UK have worked tirelessly every day to protect and provide care to vulnerable individuals during the Covid-19 pandemic. It's been two years since the 'Clap for Carers' initiative stopped - but the work that care workers do continues - working hard to look after individuals who require assistance due to illness, disability or other care and support needs.  

After an extremely challenging couple of years of working on the frontline throughout the pandemic, carers are now facing unprecedented financial difficulties due to the UK's cost-of-living crisis. As the cost of living continues to surge, with energy bills predicted to rise by 80% and the cost of food and everyday items soaring, more and more people on lower incomes are struggling to make ends meet. Care workers are drastically feeling the effects of this. 

Person Centred Software, a market leader in care home software and provider of the UK's most widely used digital care system, is sponsoring The Care Workers Charity (CWC). Founded in 2009 with the promise to provide support to those facing the burden of economic hardship, The Care Workers Charity promotes care workers' financial, professional and mental well-being, awarding grants to care workers who need a helping hand. In addition, the charity works hard to campaign and raise awareness of social care and provide insight into the issues affecting care workers.  

"We are proud to support The Care Workers Charity in their work; the charity provides amazing support for people in the care sector who face financial difficulties. Carers contribute so much to our society - it's important to recognise their incredible work and support them during these difficult times." 

Yaz Hassoun, Head of International Marketing at Person Centred Software  

Supplying the care sector with solutions that improve residents' care outcomes and allow care providers more time to care, Person Centred Software has been transforming social care with its digital technology since 2013. The organisation is very compassionate and cares deeply about people, improving the lives of those working in and receiving care. 

 The Care Workers' Charity is thrilled to receive sponsorship from Person Centred Software. 

"We are pleased that Person Centred Software is working to promote the charity to their staff and wider audience, as we both share the same values that centre around improving the lives of those involved in social care.”  
Karolina Gerlich, CEO, the Care Workers’ Charity 


October 4, 2022

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