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Feb 28, 2024

Promoting empowerment in health and social care: Person Centred Software acquires ResHub

Enabling residents to plan their days their way


With great excitement, we announce the latest addition to our Connected Care Platform - ResHub! 

With this acquisition, our care providers will have an even more comprehensive and connected solution to support resident wellness and engagement while boosting occupancy and promoting independence. 

ResHub allows care providers to go beyond the usual standards of care. It helps them to create personalised experiences tailored to the needs and preferences of each resident.



With ResHub, care providers can ensure that each resident receives the attention and support they deserve while maintaining dignity and independence. 

ResHub is an innovative modular platform that allows users to select modules that match their needs for the day while also providing the ability to adjust and adapt for future organisational changes. 

The business operates globally and serves customers from the UK, USA and Australia. It was founded in 2020 by Sean McLoughlin and Neil Hosey, both of whom have a background in health and age tech. Together, they have led academic research with the goal of improving outcomes for older adults, which inspired them to create ResHub and pursue their vision. 


Sean McLoughlin (left) and Neil Hosey (right) 

Like ResHub, we're dedicated to supporting the social care sector and improving the lives of those living and working in social care. We achieve this by developing solutions that effectively address real problems. Our Connected Care Platform, which covers the full spectrum of care management, offers a range of solutions around care planning, wellness and activities, medication management, and care home operations

With the addition of ResHub to our Connected Care Platform, care organisations can now provide online engagement opportunities for residents and their loved ones - they can engage online in real-time or asynchronously, share up-to-date information, and book services, all of which help to improve resident wellbeing. This initiative aligns with our mission to enhance the quality of life for our residents. 


Johan Jardevall, CEO at Person Centred Software, says:

‘’At Person Centred Software, our core focus is to improve the lives of residents in care through the software we provide care organisations with.  


ResHub delivers products that directly impact the wellbeing of the person in care and their loved ones. We are very excited to introduce these products to our customers and are confident most care organisations will see the benefits immediately’’. 

Sean McLoughlin, CEO at ResHub, says: 

‘’As soon as we met with the team at PCS, we knew that we had a shared vision to elevate the daily experience for residents through a connected platform. Neil and I are extremely excited that ResHub can continue to grow our international customer base, drive innovation within the social care industry and achieve our vision in collaboration with the exceptional team at PCS.  


ResHub, now owned by Person Centred Software, will continue to work with all customers and partners as before. They will benefit from the support structures that exist within the larger organisation and the ability to utilise more of the products. Tight integration between the ResHub products and the wider product set is planned and will be delivered throughout the next couple of months. As there was an overlap between the roadmaps for ResHub and other PCS products, the delivery of those improvements will now be accelerated’’. 


Person Centred Software continues to build its one-stop solution for care providers with an unrivalled selection of best-in-class partners, raising the standard for digital solutions to the care sector. 

Want to learn more about ResHub and its various modules?

Built for carers, loved by carers 


February 28, 2024

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